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Eco gate is based on nature, using natural conditions and artificial means to create a habitable, comfortable and healthy product. "Eco gate" is a concept derived from "eco home"

eco gate is based on nature and uses natural conditions and artificial means to create a comfortable and healthy product that is conducive to living. "Eco gate" is a concept derived from "eco home". The key of ecological home is environmental protection and health. It is higher than the standard of "green home". It has not only hardware requirements, but also humanistic needs, and pays attention to the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. "Ecological door" should be an element of "ecological home". In this sense, ecological door should pay attention to ecology, the harmony between man and nature, and should be a humanistic product. Ecological doors should have more social connotations than the usually seen solid wood doors and composite doors

internal structure

the door core plate inside the ecological door adopts imported bridge hole mechanical plate, and the formaldehyde emission can reach the internationally accepted European E0 standard; At the same time, due to the unique structural characteristics of the bridge tunnel mechanical board, the ecological door products using the bridge tunnel mechanical board have been greatly improved in sound insulation, heat preservation, external force resistance and self weight

the door structure of the ecological door is made of integral die casting, so that it can achieve the effect of seamless, sealed and sound insulation. As for the facade materials, different materials are used, including imported metal plates, polymer organic plates, imported decorative panels, and leather. No matter what panel, the most important thing is to be free of environmental pollution and strive to be environmentally friendly. As far as the "imported metal plate" of the naherman ecological door is concerned, it is a kind of decorative plate with aluminum metal veneer. There are many unique patterns in surface treatment, including painting, relief, sanding, etc., which gathers almost all the categories of metal surface pattern treatment in the world today, which provides consumers with greater choice

environmental protection standard

ecology is the biggest feature of eco gate. The ecological door made of aluminum magnesium alloy metal eliminates all the environmental protection and health problems that customers worry about. In addition to not producing harmful substances such as formaldehyde, toxic glue and paint that may be contained in wood products, many customers with public responsibility choose metal materials instead of wood, and pay more attention to the protection of the ecological environment. Metals can be recycled, which will not cause damage to nature because of our decoration. In a word, I have also been a promotion ambassador for environmental protection and public welfare, which is also one of the industry ethics we admire

the unusual texture and quality are undoubtedly reflected in the ecological door of a famous family. The high-strength aluminum magnesium alloy skeleton, with the cold texture of postmodern metal, exquisite frame treatment and surface gloss, makes my design more stable and mysterious

the unique decorative style is different when it is installed. Eco gate uses more metals and other environmentally friendly materials, which breaks through the previous single style in style, and has more plasticity in surface color, design color and three-dimensional sense. It has become a highlight in my style choice

energy saving and sound insulation, fire prevention and corrosion resistance, sealing and energy saving, never fade, can provide customers with more practical functions

ecology and life are originally one. The respect and attention to ecology and originality stems from the continuous pursuit of a better life

the eco gate meets the international green environmental protection standards. Its substrate performance is very stable, without cracking and deformation, and has environmental protection and health functions at the same time. The wood grain technology of the ecological door is completely based on the solid wood door, and the effect is very real. The surface wood grain is clear and layered, and the tone is bright, which is not easy to fall off and change color in the sun

eco gate has long been popular in the west, and many European and American countries regard the use of eco gate as a symbol of modern environmental protection life; In China, eco doors are also blooming everywhere. Many people with taste and style will choose this fashionable, durable, environmental friendly and green product. It can be said that with the development of the times, the ultimate destination of eco gate should be to enter every family in China. We also fully believe in the great future of eco gate




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