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recently, since the second child policy was announced, many mothers have been hesitant to continue to have children. Many large hospitals also saw this opportunity, immediately increased hospital beds, and began to provide on-site obstetric examination services. Some hospitals even opened a second child clinic

the medical industry is still so, how can the transformation of the real estate industry lag behind? The two child policy has come down. There are enough toys for one child. How can the two children clean up the children's room? Will the whole house look messy? I believe many parents have begun to make plans for the ignorance of the family

parents all want to give their children a warm and comfortable growth space. Similarly, rong360 Xiaobian also hopes that all children can grow up healthily. I believe some parents have also experienced the process of decorating the house. Here rong360 specially collected some experience and shared it with you. The most basic, especially the decoration of children's rooms, needs to avoid environmental pollution and consider the safety of children

the overall color needs to be coordinated

it must be a very happy thing to have one more child at home. If two children are of the same sex, the decoration of the children's room can be relatively simple; If you are of the opposite sex, you have to live in the same room temporarily, so you need to pay special attention to the decoration

maybe a movable baffle can solve all the problems. It is not suitable to be too inclined to a certain gender in the choice of hue, light green, yellow, etc. “ Neutral ” Color can make children of opposite sex feel comfortable and natural

choice of beds

for compact small houses, upper and lower bunks “ Tall ” Children's beds are also a good choice. This can shorten the space distance between two people and communicate well

the wooden upper and lower bunks can reduce children's collision, but the height of the upper and lower bunks should be appropriate to facilitate children's action. Put a “ Stairs ” It will make children feel very interesting

space under the bed

the multi-function bed with lockers is also very suitable for small house types, which not only saves space, but also has a very powerful storage function. It can place the bedding and clothes that are not commonly used at ordinary times

the desk in the children's room

can be used as a small storage rack to place book boxes and storage boxes. A set of dual-purpose low shelves are added at the bottom of the groove, which can put notebooks and sundries in grids and drawers respectively

the desk design of the multi person children's room is also very particular. If space allows, a whole wall can be used to design a long shared desk, so that children can learn together without “ Grab territory ” And cause contradictions

children's furniture

with “ Single twin ” With the introduction of the new policy, children's rooms and children's products suitable for many children will gradually increase. Some children's furniture manufacturers also said that in addition to children's furniture used by many people, multi-functional children's furniture has also attracted much attention. Children's beds with storage space and desks with bookshelves are all good helpers for saving space in children's rooms

decoration skills

psychologists have found that children under the age of two are the key period of visual development, and bright colors are easy to cause visual excitement, which is conducive to visual development

child mother bed — A child mother bed that can be used by both mother and baby. There are usually two layers of beds. The upper layer is a small bed for babies and the lower layer is a big bed for mothers. The child mother bed has many advantages, and it is a particularly practical bed

decoration safety

(1) paint safety

environmental friendly paint should be selected on the paint, which must be pollution-free, because children's resistance is much worse than adults, and if the paint is not safe, it will damage children's health

(2) window safety

children's room is children's own private place, especially at night, parents will not be around, Therefore, floor to ceiling windows should be avoided in the window design of children's room, and safe half windows should be selected, so that children can be well protected. Of course, it would be better to add a guardrail

(3) furniture safety

try not to choose square corner furniture when choosing furniture. Such furniture may hurt children. Try to choose some rounded furniture, which is safer

(4) lamp safety

every function of children's body is in the development stage, especially vision. So when choosing lamps and lanterns, try to choose soft light, warm color and dimming lamps as much as possible, and don't choose fluorescent lamps and lanterns with very strong irritation

(5) circuit safety

most children are lively and active, have natural curiosity about strange things, but lack the ability and consciousness of self-protection, and circuit safety is very important. Try to put the wire board and plug in a position that children can't touch

finally, rong360 should also remind parents of several points to pay attention to in the prevention of pollution in children's rooms, such as not playing on the floor, not laying carpets, and not making ceilings; Using pure environmental protection standard coatings, such as 3a aibabe pure environmental protection wall paint, the advantages of high efficiency, clean taste, solvent-free and APEO free make this wall paint a hot favorite in the children's room decoration market; Pay attention to the ventilation of the children's room. In order to ensure safe ventilation, windows with upward rotating ventilation devices should be installed. Rooms with poor ventilation should be installed with ventilation devices. Ventilation should be carried out once a day in the morning and evening, with ventilation of more than half an hour each time; At the same time, attention should be paid to prevent formaldehyde pollution of children's articles and clothes, such as curtains in the room, newly bought clothes, fabric furniture, toys, etc





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