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Lanzhi curtain wall cloth monopoly store has entered Gaomi, Shandong Province, and finally ushered in a grand opening on March 17! Now let's go to Lanzhi soft clothing - Gaomi specialty store

Gaomi exclusive store opened grandly

Lanzhi exclusive store entered Gaomi, Shandong strongly, and finally ushered in the grand opening on March 17

Gaomi is located in the eastern Jiaodong area of Shandong Peninsula, the hinterland of Jiaolai plain, bordering Qingdao City in the East. It is the hometown of Yan Ying, a famous minister in the spring and Autumn period, Zheng Xuan, a great economist in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Liu Yong, a bachelor in the Qing Dynasty, and Mo Yan, a Nobel Prize winner in literature. Covering an area of 1526 square kilometers, it has jurisdiction over 960 administrative villages (residences) and 876000 people. It is one of the key coastal opening-up counties and cities of Shandong Peninsula approved by the State Council, the national demonstration county of scientific and technological innovation, the national top 100 counties of trademarks, the National Model County of intensive and economical land use, the famous city of Chinese home textiles, the hometown of Chinese folk art and the hometown of Chinese New Year pictures

let's go to Lanzhi soft clothing - Gaomi exclusive store

after preliminary on-site evaluation, scheme discussion and design confirmation,

from hard clothing design, soft clothing accessories, etc.

has added infinite vitality and visual impact vitality to the store

sweet and elegant pink, and natural and simple yellow,

the two are symmetrical and harmonious, presenting the beauty of home soft decoration in front of everyone

naive and brilliant decoration, colorful color design,

add a lively and flexible atmosphere to children's innocent and brilliant small world and small paradise

the careful layout makes the product truly restore the home scene

in store elevator area

under the full guidance of headquarters personnel, training, sales, layout and publicity are carried out in an orderly manner

for more exquisite fabric curtains, please check at the store

address: Lanzhi soft decoration, Feida square, Liqun Road, Gaomi City




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