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American style, as its name implies, is from the decoration and decoration style of the United States. The United States is a country of immigrants. People of all ethnic groups in Europe came to the American colonies and brought the decoration and furniture styles of all ethnic groups and regions to the United States. At the same time, due to the vast territory and abundant resources of the United States, the immigrants' desire for size was greatly relaxed, making the American style famous for its wide, comfortable and mixed styles. These elements of American decoration style also meet the needs of current cultural asset owners for lifestyle, that is, they have a sense of culture and noble spirit, and they cannot lack a sense of freedom and sentiment. So, do you know what American style decoration skills are? How can we show the American style perfectly? If you are interested in American style decoration, you might as well follow me to learn about American style decoration skills

characteristics of American style

living room: as a hospitality area, the living room is generally required to be simple and lively, and the decoration is more bright and bright than other spaces, usually using a large number of stone and wood finishes for decoration; Americans like things with a sense of history, which is not only reflected in their love for antique works of art in soft decoration, but also reflected in their preference for various antique wall and floor tiles and stones in decoration and their pursuit of various antique crafts. Generally speaking, the American rural style living room is spacious and full of historical flavor

Kitchen: in the eyes of Americans, the kitchen is generally open (due to its eating and cooking habits). At the same time, it needs to have a dining table in a corner of the kitchen, as well as powerful, simple and durable Kitchenware and equipment, such as residue crusher under the sink, oven, etc. There needs to be a spacious place to accommodate the double door refrigerator and enough operating tables. There is also a lot of attention in decoration, such as liking antique wall tiles, kitchen door panels, liking to use solid wood door leaves or white molded door leaves to imitate wood grain color. In addition, the kitchen window also likes to be equipped with curtains, etc

American style design elements

1. A simple white line board design

the application of embossed line boards with simple lines has become a necessary element of American light country style, which is appropriately applied to door panels, ceilings, and frames. In terms of configuration, we also pay attention to the visual effect of symmetry. However, when applied to door panels, it is suggested to match round headed ceramics and retro iron pieces in the selection of handles, which can better highlight the characteristics of American light countryside

a large number of embossed line boards with simple lines are used on walls, cabinet doors and ceilings

American style decoration skills - soft decoration matching

American style soft decoration matching skills: 1. Plants embody nature

this is the American style decoration style, which likes to embody natural comfort, so a major feature of American Pastoral decoration is that there are many green plants in the room, which are generally evergreen and do not bloom all year round. Green plants can be seen on the floor, cabinet and table of the room. Therefore, we can choose more green plants in the combination of American decoration style and soft decoration to form a staggered pattern and sense of hierarchy

matching skills of American style soft clothing: 2. Cowboys embody personality

American pastoral style decoration fees. Houses are more personalized. The layout of cowboys in the room is also a major feature, which is generally reflected in sofa furniture. You can choose exquisite cowhide or denim textured cloth sand hair, and take comfort as the main consideration. In this way, the American style home with unique charm temperament is arranged

American style soft clothing matching skills: 3. Antique artworks reflect the cultural atmosphere

American style matching often uses antique artworks to show the cultural and artistic atmosphere, rolled ancient books, animal metal statues, etc., which together present a profound cultural and artistic atmosphere

matching skills of American style soft decoration: 4. Wall lamps reflect elegance

wall lamps in American furniture are very common. Classical wall lamps or floor lamps are generally used, and the dim lights are particularly elegant when matched with furniture rooms. However, this kind of decoration suitable for classical style, if it is a modern style, glass wall lamps with strange shapes or floor lamps with a very metallic feeling are generally used

American style soft decoration matching skills: 5. Decorative painting decorates the space

American style home decoration is inseparable from decorative painting. Modern style usually puts abstract and alternative oil painting, rural pastoral style mostly puts rural landscape oil painting, etc. American style home space is generally relatively large, so the size of oil painting decorative painting is different, but add a distinctive mural in the empty environment, Undoubtedly, it gives people a feeling of relaxed and happy

American style decoration skills - furniture matching

American style furniture matching 1 The main spirit of the American style is to let residents feel free and stable living quality. Moving this concept to the choice of furniture, the honest and solid texture is one of the criteria for selection. If the leather sofa with retro tone is selected in this case, it gives people a sense of security

American style furniture collocation 2 Style single chair shows the spirit of freedom

in American style home space, the arrangement of sofa seats is often not a rigid fixed number of seats, but adjust the sofa seats according to the usage habits of residents, and often use single chair elements to make the spatial arrangement more free and unimpeded

American style furniture collocation 3 Combining European classical romantic elements

European and American style home design elements are often derived from the concept of European classical architecture. For example, common wire boards are a kind of classic design elements. The dining table and chair selected in this case also combines the European classical style. For example, the concept of Roman column is used as the foot of the dining table, which is quite special

American style furniture collocation 4 Fireplace design that brings warmth

in Europe and the United States with higher latitude, fireplace design is almost an indispensable element. It not only brings warmth in essence, but also symbolizes the warm atmosphere of family cohesion. In the humid and hot climate of Taiwan, although there is no need for a fireplace, it can still be combined with its spirit to create a storage cabinet to inject warm power into the family space

American style furniture collocation 5 The dining cabinet and bar show the American style of life

the dining cabinet and bar are common designs in the American home style. In addition to being used for storage, they can also provide a comfortable dining environment for residents. This concept symbolizes the free and casual personality in the American style of life. At the same time, it also has a sense of design, killing one stone with one stone

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