Packaging hose for paste flavored food

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Paste flavored food packaging hose

patent name paste flavored food packaging hose patent applicant Xiang Fangbi main applicant address 618000 Sanshenggong inventor wangyonghua, north section of Taishan North Road, Deyang City, Sichuan Province; Wang Hong application (patent) No 6. Date of application: the company was recognized as the second batch of national enterprise and public institution intellectual property demonstration and creation units by the State Intellectual Property Office in 2010. July 24, 2004. Date of issuance. Approval Announcement No. approval announcement date. September 28, 2005. CD No. d0539. Main classification No. b65d35/00. Classification No. b65d35/00; Abstract of priority item of original application No. of b65d85/72 division this utility model discloses a packaging hose for paste flavored food, which is characterized in that the utility model is composed of a soft material, the air with a threaded nozzle may enter the pipe body and a threaded pipe cap matched with the threaded nozzle, the pipe cap is provided with an inner cap and an outer cap, the outer cap is longer extended to the pipe body to form a sheath of the pipe body, and the tail of the pipe body is provided with a hole for hanging. The utility model has the advantages that the flavored food is extruded from the hose, the extrusion amount is well controlled, and there is no dripping, leakage and throwing, and the spilling that has not been canceled or the rectification is over; The hose is not easy to be damaged or broken; The nozzle will not be polluted, which is safe and sanitary; Easy to store and carry. Sovereignty item 1 The utility model relates to a paste flavored food packaging hose. 5. The safeguard measures are characterized in that the hose comprises a pipe body with a threaded nozzle made of soft material and a threaded pipe cap adapted to the threaded nozzle. International application international publication date of entry into the country patent agency Deyang Sanxing Patent Office agency address agent liukeqin

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