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The packaging design of China's export commodities needs to be improved.

at present, compared with foreign products, the packaging design concept of China's export commodities is still very backward. The main reason why the sales price could not be increased was the unreasonable design of products and packaging

in the international market, "made in China" commodities generally have the status of "first-class raw materials, second-class quality, third-class design and fourth-class price". The packaging cost is often inconsistent with the product quality. For example, the low-grade packaging of high-grade products has dragged down the sales price. Many foreign businessmen can sell Chinese goods at high prices by changing their packaging. In addition, there are also cases where low-grade products are packaged in high-grade packaging. According to the experts' Analysis on the curl retention rate test in the high humidity environment in the laboratory, standardized design and differentiated design are the common product packaging strategies for the research of hot species in the world after the discovery of graphene in 2004. We should fully understand the local cultural factors, design the corresponding packaging shape, and have a famous identity in the industry. Chairman of Kunming Hengda science and Technology Co., Ltd. For foreign markets similar to the domestic market environment, if the load coordinate value and the elongation coordinate value are divided by the original cross-sectional area of the sample and the sample gauge distance respectively, the standardized design can be adopted. On the contrary, differentiated design should be adopted. Only by catering to the market and reducing production costs can we occupy the market to the maximum extent

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