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Packaging design of local characteristic commodities

Abstract: the packaging design of local characteristic commodities should conform to the principle of nationalized packaging design, highlight the locality, commemoration, practicality, convenience and gift, make full use of local natural materials, take decoration as the main tone, combine local codes Folk culture to design

key words: packaging design of local characteristic commodities commemorative

local characteristic commodities are local commodities with distinctive regional characteristics, including local specialty, tourism commemorative commodities and traditional time-honored brands. The success of packaging of such goods directly affects sales and reputation. However, as far as the current packaging design of local characteristic commodities is concerned, it lacks clear understanding and systematic application principles in the use of corresponding physical structure, product name, folk graphics, Chinese character art, natural materials and color expression, and is superficial and similar in the selection of expression forms and elements. It is not enough to use and express local rich resources and unique regional characteristics, and lacks corresponding cultural connotation and taste, Failed to show the overall artistic spirit of the region. The development of the times has brought many new demands in today's mass consumption life, and packaging design is facing more challenges. The author believes that for the packaging design of local characteristic commodities, we should take the road of moving the test products into the high-temperature zone or low-temperature zone to stop the family oriented packaging design, highlight the unique natural beauty and regional characteristics of commodities, and determine a clear packaging style

I. The design of commodity packaging with local characteristics should conform to the principle of nationalized packaging design

as the dual carrier of culture and economic activities, commodity packaging is not only a competitive means to obtain economic benefits, but also the embodiment of corporate culture. The connotation of commodity packaging is cultural value. Similarly, the packaging form of local characteristic commodities, which is the dual body of local culture and economic activities, is also a part of the nationalized packaging. Generally, the metallographic pictures listed in the research results or inspection reports must be designed in accordance with the nationalized packaging design principles. Nationalization means localization. Nationalized packaging is the inherited folk packaging tradition of developing natural substances. It is a packaging form in which various regions use natural materials in the process of packaging continuation. As a form of expression, nationalized packaging has become more and more popular. It is undoubtedly a good design idea to apply this design principle to the packaging design of local characteristics that people like

2 local culture is a folk culture with distinctive regional and inherited characteristics. It is an important part of Chinese folk culture and a gene for building a modern advanced culture of the country and the nation. The integration of the world economy inevitably requires global cultural diversity, which will inevitably lead to the trend of design towards nationalization and modernization with regional characteristics. The integration of local culture into the design has more local significance for the people growing in the region, and is more likely to produce unlimited ideological feelings and patriotic enthusiasm. At the same time, it also increases the aesthetic value, artistic value and commodity value of packaging, and promotes the prosperity and development of folk culture

traditional packaging has both the value of cultural heritage and artistic style, and contains a large number of active factors. For example, in the long-term life and labor, the ancient working people used natural rattan, grass, bamboo, leaves, stems, hemp, branches, fruit shells and other materials to package products, creating a variety of packaging forms. This kind of packaging gives people a sense of simplicity, stimulates people's nostalgia, and improves the cultural value of commodities. For example, Shandong, Henan and other places in China use corn husks to weave into handbags for packaging wine bottles; There is a kind of tea packed with bamboo shoot skin in Fujian. The flower carving wine jar in Shaoxing has distinctive local characteristics. This shows that as long as we adjust measures to local conditions and use our ingenuity, we can turn waste into treasure and produce unique artistic effects

of course, in a complete economic and cultural ecological environment, there is an inevitable complementary relationship between traditional art and modern scientific and technological production. Especially in the spiritual field, the factors of national tradition are always closely integrated with modern culture and formed in the process of integration. This complementarity is not only a process of integration of art and economy, but also a supplement to cultural activities, which is easier to meet consumers' psychology of pursuing novelty. In the design, we should correctly understand the opportunities brought by modern packaging materials to the development of packaging industry and the convenience brought to people's life. As long as we adopt modern materials that are conducive to the ecological environment, adopt structural forms that are conducive to people's rapid and convenient use, and always use national vision to conceive from the aesthetic point of view, we can create commodities with national characteristics

II. The packaging design of goods with local characteristics should highlight locality, commemoration, practicality, convenience and gifts.

highlighting local design mainly refers to the use of local rich natural and beautiful things, such as mountain light and water color, flowers, insects and fish, sun, moon and stars, grassland and fields, as design elements for the packaging design of goods with local characteristics. There are many things with natural beauty that can be used: first, they have been processed and transformed by people, such as neat terraces, green mountains and forests, and parks with lush flowers and grass; Second, natural objects are natural beauty formed naturally without direct processing and transformation, such as white sand beaches, green sea water, clusters of strange stones, swirling white waves, etc; The third is the artificial artistic image. In the packaging design of commodities with local characteristics, we should make full use of the charm of natural beauty, adopt certain methods, and apply them to the packaging design reasonably and intuitively through systematic artistic processing, which is undoubtedly of great significance to the publicity and promotion of commodities and the promotion of local characteristic culture. Design materials can come from local characteristic buildings, local characteristic landscapes, local customs, local traditional culture and local traditional decoration

the prominent commemorative design means that after consumers buy local characteristic commodities and bring them back to Hainan, they often have the emotion of "seeing things and thinking of the source", and can stimulate their relatives and friends to spend again. Therefore, the pattern modeling of the packaging design of local characteristic commodities should reflect the local customs and people's feelings, and the ornamental aesthetic and collection value of local characteristic commodities. Practical design requires that the packaging of local characteristic commodities have certain use value and can be used for certain purposes in daily life. The convenience design requires that the volume of the package should not be too large and should be convenient for consumers to carry. Gift design requires that the packaging design should be beautiful and elegant, with certain artistic value and aesthetic value. Through packaging, people can feel the cultural atmosphere of local characteristics, which is conducive to consumers' giving gifts to relatives and friends

therefore, in the packaging design, local natural materials should be fully used, such as bamboo strips, grass stems and leaves to wrap and bind food or supplies. This packaging method, which uses local materials and makes simple use of natural materials, has been used since the early days of human beings. It can achieve good packaging effect and can be recycled. For example, the Southern food zongzi, lotus leaf eggs, bamboo tube rice, shell skin care cream, etc. are all packaged with natural materials. This kind of packaging has simple, concise and natural characteristics through special production process

in order to ensure the normal quality of some featured commodities and facilitate storage and transportation, diversified packaging forms with different materials and simple and generous shapes should be adopted in the design, such as pottery, bronze vessels, iron containers, baskets, baskets, buckets, boxes, cans, or wooden, metal, ivory jade boxes, as well as silk colored Satin wrapped commodities. Vines and leaves can be used as packaging materials for binding and filling. This diversified packaging form should be reasonably used in the design according to the local characteristics and the attributes of the commodity itself. The packaging should be exquisite and unique, so that it has a certain practical value and artistic value, so as to improve and enrich people's material life and meet the spiritual needs of appreciation

in addition, attention should be paid to the use of delicate and beautiful decorative patterns such as various curvilinear plants in packaging design. The exquisite and tedious decoration makes the packaging picture neat and beautiful, the overall composition of the picture is exquisite, and the visual impact is strong. The reasonable use of local allusions, textures and graphics in the design can arouse the imagination of consumers, and the words used should have a strong decorative flavor, which is conducive to increasing the cultural depth and taste of the packaging. The design pattern should use more local planar patterns and characteristic character sketches, and the color and composition should reflect the local customs and local characteristics, or elegant, or rigorous, or simple, or luxurious. The use of various local patterns, characters and textures can strengthen the expressiveness of the packaging design of local characteristics, and its decoration reveals the overall artistic spirit and value orientation of the commodity and its region

author/Zhang Dejiao, School of fine arts, Jishou University Journal of Zhengzhou Institute of light industry: Social Science Edition - issue 6, 2005

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