Packaging design of the hottest Swire Shimei sugar

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Swire Shimei sugar drink packaging design


hardness tester of sugar industry Co., Ltd.: it is mainly used to test the hardness of the striking surface and top of the steel hammer. It belongs to Swire Group and is the most historical and largest sugar making and sugar distributor in Asia. 10. It adopts advanced control technology. Other businesses include the distribution of daily necessities such as salt, corn flour and tea. Witnessing the successful example of equal saccharin, Swire sugar launched Shimei low calorie healthy sugar. Direct sales are provided to the catering industry, and some are distributed through department stores and supermarkets. However, the main reason for the slow sales of the product is that the packaging can not express or reflect the purpose and benefits of the product


Swire hired langtao to repackage Shimei low calorie healthy sugar to better express the core value of the brand. Packaging creativity needs to attract the English dominated Hong Kong market, while taking into account the Chinese dominated Chinese market


packaging design emphasizes product characteristics with visual effects. The photos with strong contrast depict an impressive healthy lifestyle. 4. Enterprises should be guided to strengthen scientific and technological innovation. Product names and positioning should use beautiful Chinese and English trademark fonts, with the goal of targeting young professionals who pay attention to health and physical fitness

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