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Green food packaging guidelines

1 scope

this standard specifies the principles that must be followed in the packaging of green food, including requirements for green food packaging, selection of packaging materials, packaging dimensions, packaging inspection, sampling, marking and labeling, storage and transportation, etc

this standard is applicable to green food

2 normative references

the provisions in the following documents become provisions of this standard through the reference of this standard. For dated reference documents, all subsequent amendments (excluding Corrigendum) or revised versions are not applicable to this part. However, parties to agreements based on this part are encouraged to study whether the latest versions of these documents can be used. For undated references, the latest edition is applicable to this standard

gb/t2828 batch by batch inspection made in China 2025 also puts forward clear requirements for the localization rate of new chemical materials by counting sampling procedures and sampling tables (applicable to the inspection of continuous batches for a long time: completely remove the resin materials in the barrel)

gb/t4892 rigid square transport package size series

gb7718 general standard for food labeling

gb9681 hygienic standard for PVC molded products for food packaging

gb/t10344 beverage and wine labeling standard

gb/t13201 cylinder transport package size series

gb/t13432 special nutritional food label

gb/t13757 bag transport package size series

gb/t15233 unit cargo size

gb/t15239 sampling inspection of isolated batches by attributes Inspection procedures and sampling tables

gb/t15482 single sampling inspection procedures and sampling tables for small population count in product quality supervision

gb/t16470 packaging tray packaging

gb/t16716 general rules for the treatment and utilization of packaging waste

gb/t18006.2 test methods for degradation performance of disposable degradable tableware

3 terms and definitions

the following terms and definitions are applicable to this standard

3.1 reduction on the premise of ensuring the function of packaging, protecting transportation, storage and sales, and tending to overheat sales, the first consideration of packaging is to minimize the total amount of materials used

3.2 reuse reuse the used packaging materials after certain treatment

3.3 recycle recycles the waste packaging products and converts them into new substances or energy after certain treatment

3.4 under specific conditions, the chemical structure and physical and mechanical properties of degradable waste packaging materials may change significantly, with molecular weight reduced, physical and mechanical properties decreased or decomposed into carbon dioxide and water

4 requirements

4.1 select appropriate packaging materials, containers, forms and methods according to different green foods, so as to meet the basic requirements of plastic granulator equipment such as food bags, which has very serious environmental pollution

4.2 the volume and quality of packaging shall be limited to the lowest level, and the packaging shall be reduced

4.3 under the condition that the technical conditions permit and are consistent with the relevant provisions of the commodity, reusable packaging shall be selected; If it cannot be reused, the packaging materials shall be recyclable; If it cannot be recycled, the packaging waste shall be degradable

4.4 paper packaging requirements:

reusable, recycled or degradable

no wax or oil is allowed on the surface

it is not allowed to apply moisture-proof materials such as plastic

the carton shall be connected by bonding, and it is not allowed to use flat wire nails

the marks on the carton must be made with water-soluble ink, and oil-soluble ink is not allowed

4.5 the metal packaging shall be reusable or recycled, and the sealing materials and internal coatings that cause harm to human body and the environment shall not be used

4.6 glass products shall be reusable or recycled

4.7 requirements for plastic products:

the packaging materials used shall be reusable, recycled or degradable

on the premise of protecting the contents intact, try to use single material

the monomer content of PVC products used shall meet the requirements of gb9681

the polystyrene resin or molded products used shall meet the requirements of corresponding national standards

products such as expanded polystyrene (EPS) and polyurethane (PUR) containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFS) are not allowed to be used

4.8 the ink for printing marks on the outer packaging or the adhesive for labeling shall be non-toxic and shall not directly contact with food

4.9 for reusable or recycled packaging, the waste treatment and utilization shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of gb/t16716

5 package size

5.1 the size of green food transport packages shall comply with the provisions of gb/t4892, gb/t13201 and gb/t13757

5.2 the green food packaging unit shall comply with the provisions of gb/t15233

5.3 trays for green food packaging shall comply with the provisions of gb/t16470

6 sampling

sampling shall be carried out according to the inspection methods specified in the packaging materials and related products. Gb/t2828 shall be followed in general production; Product certification or supervision and random inspection shall be carried out in accordance with gb/t15239; Identification inspection and arbitration inspection shall be carried out in accordance with gb/t15239

7 test method

7.1 degradable materials shall be tested according to gb/t18006.2

7.2 PVC moulded products for food packaging shall comply with the provisions of gb9681; The hygienic performance of other packaging materials shall be tested according to the hygienic standards of corresponding materials (see Appendix A for the hygienic indicators of common packaging materials)

8 signs and labels

green food signs shall be printed on the outer package of green food, and there shall be explicit instructions for use, reuse and recycling. The design and identification method of signs shall comply with relevant regulations; In addition to the provisions of GB7718, the label of green food shall also comply with the provisions of gb/13432 if it is a special nutritional food

9 storage and transportation

the packaging and storage environment of green food must be clean and sanitary. Appropriate storage technologies and methods should be selected according to product characteristics, storage principles and requirements; The storage method can not change the green food and introduce pollution. Degradable food packaging and non degradable food packaging shall be stored and transported separately. Green food shall not be transported together with pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals

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