The world's most popular top events show the stren

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The world's top events show the strength of the "capital of UAVs"

Huangwen of Shenzhen Evening News "surreal", "incredible" and "chasing dreams". The Australian team won the team champion of the first UAV World Championships. The young pilots expressed their comments on the racing UAVs in one word

it has been only three years since the development of racing UAV, but the development speed of this sport is as fast as that of UAV breaking through the night sky. The little champions who won the championship in various competitions last night seem not to have adapted to the feeling of being surrounded by the halo: the 11-year-old Thai girl wangnaponwanruiya did not smile at all on the podium, and the Australian player Thomas was also "revealed" by his teammates: in order to perform better and more handsome in front of the camera, he has been secretly practicing

one thing is certain. The first UAV World Championship held in Longgang, Shenzhen has pushed the racing UAV movement to a new height. The words "never seen such a high-tech track" and "the organizer must have invested a lot of money and effort" have been spoken by countless contestants who have never participated in the competition. After all, most of the events they participated in were scattered and not too large-scale commercial events. For example, they had never experienced such a systematic, formal and high-level technological event before

racing UAV is the crystallization of human wisdom, a game of pursuing speed and stable control, and represents the popularity of "millennial generation" young people. 128 top pilots from 34 countries and regions in the process of experiment or use of parts have proved that their love also has quantifiable value. For the wheelchair girl Rizzo in Italy and the deaf Lula in Spain, UAVs are their dream - UAVs have changed their mentality and living conditions. They have regained a fair environment and can work for it

Shenzhen 7. It is not allowed to dismantle the aircraft without authorization. Shenzhen, a young and open city, has the reputation of "the capital of UAVs in the world". Sports and the temperament of a city are closely linked. The sport of racing UAV is not isolated, and it is an important part of the UAV industry. In the carnival activities of this event, the long lines were not only those experience projects of racing UAVs, but also the display of various civil and commercial UAVs attracted countless citizens to stop and watch. Shenzhen currently accounts for about 70% of the global market share of civil small UAVs, and the annual sales of more than 300 UAV enterprises exceed 20billion yuan. The holding of world-class events is a reflection of the hard power of Shenzhen's UAV industry. As with this event, no amount of praise is just a beginning

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