Packaging design of the hottest wooden wine box

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The packaging design of wooden wine boxes

is a kind of liquid commodity. On the shelves of shopping malls, the first thing people see is the outer packaging of wine - wine boxes. Wine box packaging plays a very important role in the sales of wine, especially its role in attracting consumers, increasing the added value of products, meeting the spiritual needs of consumers, and consolidating the brand and corporate image. At present, paper containers (cartons and therefore affecting the properties of mixtures and paper tubes) still play a major role in the selection of wine box packaging materials, including leather, wood, plastic The proportion of metal materials has increased compared with the past, and natural materials such as Jinzhu, willow, grass, etc. are still rarely used when buying tensile machines. In paper containers, cartons also have absolute advantages. According to the different grades of alcohol, there are also differences in the selection of materials for wooden wine boxes. The low-grade wine packaging cartons use more than 350 grams of white cardboard for printing and laminating (plastic film), and the slightly high-grade ones use 300 grams of white cardboard for laminating into paper cards for printing, laminating and die-cutting. The printing surface of medium-grade wine packaging cartons mostly adopts about 250g-300g aluminum foil cardboard (commonly known as gold card, silver card, copper card, etc.) and about 300g white board to form a paperboard. The high-grade wine packaging and gift packaging cartons mostly adopt 3mm-6mm thick hard paper board to manually mount the external decorative surface. It should be noted that among the paper containers of domestic wine boxes, corrugated cartons, E-type corrugated cartons Micro corrugated board is rarely used. It should be emphasized that not only the outer shell of the wine box is made of paper material, but also the buffer material of the inner structure should be advocated to use paper structured corrugated board, micro corrugated board and pulp molding paper. The universal testing machine, impact testing machine, melt activity rate meter, thermal deformation, Vicat softening point temperature tester, hydrostatic testing machine, pipe drop hammer impact testing machine produced by Chengde zongchi should be vigorously used in the wine box packaging Ring stiffness testing machine and other key products are advocated. Micro corrugated board, with beautiful appearance and good cushioning performance, is suitable for printing. In the design, the packaging shell and inner parts can be made of the same material. Many of them can be made into one plate to save both cost and space. In recent years, red wine boxes increasingly represent the development trend of wine boxes. As an imported product, red wine has high requirements for packaging, so the red wine box market came into being. At present, the common red wine boxes in the market are made of wood and leather. Wood is generally used for medium and low-end red wine, Made of leather. Used of high-grade red wine. The number of wine brands using wine boxes to occupy the wine market is increasing. How to occupy the wine sales market has become the primary issue for all wine producers. A beautiful wine packaging box can greatly improve the sales of wine and avoid exceeding the preset sales volume, which is conducive to the wine brands to better occupy the market. From the perspective of consumer psychology, how to make their wine packaging more visual impact to achieve the sales effect

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