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0tc drug packaging design (Part 1)

[Abstract] combined with the packaging design of OTC drugs for children, this paper analyzes the current situation of OTC drug packaging design in China, and discusses the design ideas and design steps of OTC drug packaging. The article points out that it is necessary to study the design concept, consumer groups and consumer positioning of OTC drug packaging design

key words: OTC drugs; Packaging design

with the promotion of OTC drugs, drug manufacturers pay more and more attention to the packaging design of drugs. When purchasing OTC drugs, consumers can comprehensively consider such factors as efficacy, product appearance and portability, and have a large choice. Compared with RX (prescription drug) packaging, the packaging of OTC drugs is endowed with more sales functions. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the packaging design of OTC drugs during drug research and development. However, through the investigation of the pharmaceutical market in Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places, the author believes that the packaging design of OTC drugs in China lags behind that of similar foreign products, and there are few well intentioned works of commonly used OTC drug packaging. Based on the design practice of a child heat clearing oral liquid packaging in a pharmaceutical company in Shandong Province, this paper analyzes the characteristics, market positioning and packaging structure of a new medium for OTC drug packaging, and the role of packaging decoration in drug use and promotion. At the same time, based on the author's design practice, the design steps of OTC drug packaging were discussed

1 design idea of OTC drug packaging

otc drugs are sold directly to consumers in drugstores or supermarket shelves. Two problems should be considered in packaging design. The first is the use object of OTC drugs, and the second is to fully consider the requirements of drug manufacturers. In the design, the structure of the inner and outer packaging of drugs (even the design of special safety structure) and the visual decoration effect of the packaging surface should be determined around consumers. The internal and external packaging materials shall be selected according to the characteristics of drugs, and the structural feasibility of packaging shall be considered in combination with the processing technology. The decoration of the inner and outer packaging shall be designed in a unified way, and everyone shall fully understand and reliably identify the product performance and fixture before using any experimental machine. The decoration patterns and words shall comply with the relevant national laws and regulations

2 steps of OTC drug packaging design

according to the design idea described above, the following steps can be carried out according to the customer's requirements, the shape and characteristics of drugs and the special performance of packaging materials

2.1 preliminary investigation

pre design investigation includes market investigation and investigation of relevant regulations and design specifications. Understand the requirements of different performance drugs on packaging materials and packaging forms, the taboos and problems that should be paid attention to in children's drug packaging, the user's opinions and suggestions on typical drug packaging, and classify and analyze the packaging and design information of common similar drugs

drugs are special products related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. Their packaging 1) is used for room temperature circular rib joint samples; The design must comply with relevant national and local regulations. For example, for packaging materials, the packaging materials and containers that require direct contact with drugs must meet the pharmaceutical requirements, meet the standards to ensure human health and safety, and be approved by the drug regulatory department when approving drugs. Drug producing enterprises shall not use unapproved packaging materials and containers that directly contact drugs. For the surface decoration design of competitors, it is required that the format and color of the packaging and labels of the same enterprise and the same drug of the same specification must be consistent, and different labels shall not be used. In this way, the basic design principles can be determined in combination with market research

2.2 analysis of product characteristics and packaging requirements

as a special commodity, the quality of drugs is directly related to human health. Its packaging must be unique in ensuring the effectiveness and safe use of drugs. OTC drug packaging is close to general consumer goods, so the packaging structure is required to be scientific and reasonable, and easy to use; The outer packaging has large design space; The commercial and medical information displayed on the package, such as drug composition, use method, taboos, toxic and side effects, storage conditions, shelf life, drug batch number, etc., shall be clear, detailed and accurate, and strictly comply with the national medical and health regulations. In addition, pay attention to adjusting the font, spacing, color and other aspects of the outer packaging to facilitate users

based on the above design requirements, attention should be paid to when designing drug packaging:

a. in combination with some characteristics of sales packaging of OTC drugs, the design should focus on the structural form of inner and outer packaging and the decoration design of outer packaging. Especially for the characteristics of children and their parents, more efforts should be made in the modeling, structure and decoration pattern of the packaging

b. in view of the safety of drug use, children's safety packaging (CRP), theft proof packaging (TEP) and anti-counterfeiting packaging are designed based on the "people-oriented" principle (especially for children)

c.the use of OTC drugs does not need the guidance of doctors, and the literature has made strict provisions on the text content of drug packaging. Therefore, the text description on the packing box should be detailed and standardized

2.3 plan, screen and modify the design scheme

take the customer's opinions, regulatory requirements and the designer's own feeling of examining the product from different angles as the yardstick to measure the design, put forward several schemes that meet the design requirements, and finally screen and modify them. The final determination of the scheme requires further coordination and communication with the customer, elaboration of the design concept, and repeated modification of the product design to achieve mutual satisfaction

2.4 internal and external structure design of products

internal packaging is designed according to the specific design requirements of customers and in combination with the processing characteristics of packaging materials. The product is a traditional Chinese medicine decoction with dark brown color. In order to reduce visual discomfort, translucent PE is selected as the inner packaging material. Due to the limitation of processing technology, it is difficult to carry out high-speed mechanized production of special-shaped bottles. Therefore, the idea of bottle structure design should not only focus on how to attract children, but also consider the adaptability of the production line and the safe packaging of children's drugs. The bottle body is formed by extrusion blow molding. Raw materials shall be colored with milky white color. Ultraviolet absorbent, antioxidant and zinc oxide shall be added to the raw materials to improve their weather resistance. The structure of the bottle cap is in the form of anti-theft ring. Its structure is designed as a composite form. The inner cap is equipped with colorful hat shaped ornaments, which can arouse the interest of children. The bottle inner cover and decorative cover are made of high-density polyethylene (HDP Yangjun indicates E) or polypropylene (PP) by injection molding. The bottle holder is made of PVC or PE vacuum thermoforming

in order to reduce the cost and improve the production efficiency, the box type of the outer packaging adopts the tubular folding carton which is easy to realize automatic production, with less material consumption and simple shape. (to be continued)

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