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Packaging form and cost of dairy products

dairy packaging is mainly divided into three categories: liquid milk packaging, solid milk packaging and outer packaging box. Due to different application fields, the packaging form and development trend have their own characteristics. Liquid dairy products include pasteurized milk, UHT milk and flavored milk. Fresh milk packaging mainly includes Tetra Pak, Kangmei, Tetra Pak pillow, roof bag, Baili bag and composite plastic film bag. According to the structure of packaging materials, it can be used for the packaging of pasteurized milk, UHT milk and flavored milk. Yogurt and flavored milk are mainly packed in PP and PS cups, plastic bottles and a small amount of glass bottles. Although various kinds of packaging have clear application fields, the similarity of performance makes them penetrate each other in the scope of application. Therefore, users will weigh the form and cost of packaging when choosing dairy packaging

"diversified packaging forms and low packaging costs", this sentence succinctly and clearly summarizes the current situation and trend of domestic dairy packaging, which is not only the standard for dairy enterprises to choose packaging, but also guides the investment direction of dairy packaging enterprises in packaging forms, packaging materials and related printing, filling equipment and processes

(1) Tetra Pak brick Tetra Pak brick is a widely used dairy packaging form in developed countries and even in China. This kind of packaging is made by filling and sealing the fresh milk with 6 layers of paper aluminum plastic composite sterile packaging materials under sealed sterile conditions after instant sterilization at 135 ℃. Its cost is relatively high. Take the 250 ml liquid milk packaging as an example, it is about 0.4 yuan/piece; The cost of Tetra Pak pillow is relatively low, about 0.3 yuan/piece

(2) the roof box has a unique design style and special material and structure, which can prevent the entry of oxygen and moisture, and has a good barrier performance against external light. It is commonly used to fill high-end products such as fresh milk, flavored milk, yogurt and lactic acid milk with high nutritional value and fresh taste when the installation of samples, dynamometers or other force measuring fixtures causes pointer angular displacement. The cost of the roof box is also not low. The cost of the 250ml roof box is about 0.38 yuan/piece. At present, in the market of roof box packaging materials, international paper, Tetra Pak and Japanese packaging materials dominate, and domestic packaging is also sporadic

(3) kangmeibao kangmeibao is a carton dairy packaging developed and designed by Swiss sig group. It is a 6-layer composite flexible packaging material that major countries in the world are striving to find a breakthrough in innovation. The outermost layer is polyethylene, which is white cardboard, polyethylene, aluminum foil, bonding layer and polyethylene layer from the outside to the inside. White cardboard is used instead of kraft paper as the base lining, which greatly enhances the rigidity of Kangmei bag

(4) Wanrong package the "Wanrong package" launched by Hunan Wanrong packaging company is applicable to ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization and special aseptic filling equipment, which can make the shelf life of milk reach 30 days, 60 days and 90 days at room temperature. The cost of 250ml ten thousand capacity bag is about 0.07 yuan/piece, and the cost of 500ml ten thousand capacity bag is 0.11 yuan/piece

(5) Baili bag Baili bag is a relatively new low-cost sterile composite membrane packaging form, with a cost of 0 13 yuan/piece, which has been sought after by the market since its application

(6) most of the materials used for plastic cups are multi-layer co extruded sterile packaging sheets, and their structures are pp/pe/adh/pvdc or evoh/adh/ps, in which PP is a peelable sterile packaging protective film, PVDC and EVOH are high barrier materials, PS is a structural material, and the cover of plastic cups is a pe/pet multi-layer composite film. The cost of such packaging is about 0.12 yuan/piece

the above are the characteristics of several common liquid milk packaging in the market and the development history of the material testing machine, and the cost of various packaging forms varies greatly. The application of various grades of packaging is closely related to the grade of dairy products, the company's requirements for freshness preservation on the specified date or within the time arranged by the company, and the market positioning of dairy enterprises. Large dairy enterprises mostly use Tetra Pak and Kangmei Bao. For example, Mengniu is famous for its "Tetra Pak pillow" fresh milk, while Wandashan conquers the market by relying on "Baili Bao". Of course, in addition to the main products, dairy enterprises have not given up the development of other packaging products to meet the diversified needs of the dairy market

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