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Transformation from surface grinder to forming grinder

when it comes to surface grinder, people generally believe that it is the kind of machine tool that can only grind surfaces. After reading the article, you will understand the development trend of surface grinding machines in the world today, and people's view is about to change. Nowadays, the development trend of flat grinding is turning forming, step, cutting, rapid shaking, three-dimensional space curve surface grinding. It can be said that the flat grinding machine has the greatest evolution potential among the grinding machine tools. China's flat grinding manufacturers should jump out of the traditional thinking of plane grinding and turn to the thinking of non plane grinding such as curve or contour for further development, so as to form our own unique technology and products

the international manufacturing technology exhibition (IMTS) in Chicago, USA, which basically represents the current trend and level of international machine tool technology development, was held not long ago. From this exhibition, the author learned about the current development trend of surface grinding machines and some characteristics of machine tool technology in the world

development trend of surface grinding machines

according to incomplete statistics, more than 20 professional production plants of surface grinding participated in the exhibition in the form of flat grinding objects, including major flat grinding manufacturers in Europe, the United States, Japan and China, and there are more than 60 flat grinding machines. The main characteristics are:

play an important role in promoting the development of polymer technology and discovering new business opportunities

-- from the perspective of specifications, small flat grinding is the main type, which is included in all flat grinding exhibits, Almost 50% of the worktops are less than 200mm wide, and the transportation and deployment of small-size machine tools are relatively convenient; Foreign flat grinding is not divided into ordinary, precision and high-precision precision grades. Compared with small-scale machine tools, it is easy to do high precision; In the international market, there is a great potential demand for medium and small size flat grinding-- From the perspective of control, more than 70% of the flat grinding exhibits are CNC, including single axis, double axis and three axis CNC, up to five axis control, especially the large-scale models with more than 400 are all CNC. As the development of technology leads to functional changes, flat grinding has changed from traditional flat grinding to forming grinding, and conventional control has been difficult to meet the functional requirements. Numerical control flat grinding has become a market trend, especially because this kind of experimental machine has the advantages of high reliability and low energy consumption

-- from the perspective of function, more than 50% of the flat grinding is not only used for horizontal plane machining, but also for surface grinding machining such as forming, step, cutting, rapid shaking, three-dimensional space curve, etc. for example, the five axis linkage grinding center changed from the flat grinding by ELB and BLM companies can realize the grinding of non planar complex surfaces, and the experimenter can complete the basic control cutting of the experimental machine; The flexible grinding system of unison and trutech can realize grinding processes such as forming, centerless, cylindrical, tool and contour; There are also the rapid shaking mills of Yufu and Parker companies, which reflect that the flat mill has the greatest evolution potential among the grinder machine tools

development presents four changes

as an international manufacturing technology exhibition, metal cutting machine tools have always been the largest exhibition point, and IMTS is no exception. Machining centers, turning centers, grinding centers, CNC lathes, CNC milling, CNC boring and other metal cutting machines constitute a huge exhibition group. These metal cutting machines, which are formed by the integration of traditional cutting principles with modern design concepts and advanced control technology, represent the development direction and trend of machine tools in the world-- High speed, compounding, high precision and high rigidity are still the main theme of the development of metal cutting machine tools, but there are new changes. Compounding has changed from compounding for compounding to practical and efficient consideration, such as turning and milling compounding, turning, milling and drilling compounding, milling machine and EDM compounding; From the perspective of function, the compound machine tool is highly targeted, considering certain types of parts; In terms of accuracy, the positioning accuracy is less than 2 μ m. Repeat positioning accuracy ≤± 1 μ M machine tools are everywhere; From the perspective of spindle speed, 8.2kw spindle reaches 60000r/min, 13kw spindle reaches 42000r/min, and high speed is not the exclusive feature of low-power spindle; In terms of rigidity, machining centers that can process 60HRC hardness materials have emerged

-- modular design has been applied to machine tool manufacturing. The modular design of horizontal series, vertical series, full series and cross series is vividly reflected in the exhibits. Whether it is Japanese machine tools represented by Okuma and Makino, or American machine tools represented by Haas and Cincinnati, the same two exhibits look exactly the same in appearance, but their functions are completely different, and many of the modules they form are common

-- the concept of full automation has changed. Traditional automatic machine tools use a pneumatic or hydraulic manipulator to realize the automatic loading and unloading of workpieces, but there are more than 10 machining centers and turning centers in the exhibition. The real multi joint series robot is used to realize the loading and unloading of workpieces, including the stacking of finished parts. The scope of control is expanded, the flexibility of line assembly is strengthened, and the auxiliary machinery is greatly reduced

-- environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher. Among the exhibits on display, the vast majority of machine tool products adopt fully enclosed covers, and there is absolutely no phenomenon of chip or cutting fluid splashing. On the other hand, the exhibition of a large number of industrial cleaning machines and cutting fluid treatment systems also reflects the increasingly high requirements of modern manufacturing industry for environmental protection

the root lies in design innovation

-- flat grinding is the machine tool with the greatest development potential among grinding machine tools, which is a new concept brought to the author by this exhibition. In addition to the traditional surface grinding function, based on the flat grinding machine bed, carriage, table, grinding head and other large parts, it can evolve into cylindrical, curve, tool, centerless and other grinding machines. For example, the c10202n2 cylindrical grinder and b6062pc2 tool grinding of E company are based on flat grinding. After completing the improvement of the flat grinding specification series, China should jump out of the traditional flat grinding steel structure building and turn to the thinking of non flat grinding processing such as curve or contour in the whole life cycle of energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving and environmental protection, so as to further develop and form our own unique technology and products

-- modular design will be a main line throughout the whole process of product design, whether it is the trend of machine tool technology development or the requirements of market competition; Whether it is the need to reduce costs or improve product quality, we are required to do a good job in modular design in the future product development and design

-- the fundamental point of the development of the world machine tool industry is the development of design innovation ideas. The Chicago exhibition in the United States is the exhibition place of the world's first virtual axis machine tool. A large number of advanced machine tool exhibits at this exhibition also show one thing: traditional metal cutting principles, with a new modern design concept, combined with the first

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