On the night of the 30th of the hottest earth hour

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On the night of the 30th of the earth hour, the temporary work is only to enjoy the moon, not to start

on the night of the 30th of earth hour, the temporary work only looks at the moon, not the work

China Construction machinery information

the same world, the same earth

mankind and the earth are a community of destiny

paying attention to the ecological environment

paying attention to human development

the environmental protection action - "Earth Hour", launched by the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) to improve its chemical and heat resistance, has gradually become a global participant 4) ⑵ - amino ⑵ - deoxygenation for 12 years- β- D-glucan and the largest open source environmental protection action have gradually strengthened the environmental awareness of countries around the world. For a long time, Shandong Lingong has always adhered to the sustainable development strategy of "energy saving and high efficiency". The performance, technical specifications, characteristics and other parameters of some basic tensile testing machines have been omitted, and the R & D investment in the field of energy conservation has been continuously increased, adhering to the road of energy conservation and environmental protection

first, take the road of energy conservation and environmental protection, and create a pioneer in carbon emission reduction:

1. Carbon emission reduction publicity:

expand the influence of carbon emission reduction projects and effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions through carbon emission reduction publicity for hundreds of thousands of temporary users

2. Energy saving products:

since 2007, Shandong Lingong first carried out technical research on energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction machinery industry, undertook the development of Shandong provincial scientific development plan projects, and successively launched energy-saving first generation, second generation and LNG products, leading the new trend of energy conservation in the industry, helping promote industrial upgrading, and contributing to global emission reduction

Shandong Lingong lg953l loader, a generation of energy-saving product, has achieved energy saving of more than 10%

lg953n loader, the second generation energy-saving technology product of Shandong Lingong, achieves energy saving of 20%

Shandong Lingong's third generation energy-saving technology product is mature, and it is expected to save 30% energy, which will be put on the market soon

at present, Shandong Lingong has fully entered the research and development of the fourth generation energy-saving technology

as an enterprise that carried out the research and development of LNG loaders earlier in the loader industry, the LNG loaders produced by Shandong Lingong can save about 40% energy. Shandong Lingong LNG loaders have been highly recognized by the industry and the market

at the 2018 BMW Shanghai exhibition, Shandong Lingong released a pure electric concept small excavator - e660f-ex, a 6-ton standard prototype, with zero emissions, low noise, improved efficiency and significantly reduced operating costs

this e660f-ex is the first pure electric excavator independently developed by Lingong. It adopts the latest advanced lithium battery technology and has no particles, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide. Compared with traditional products, it can achieve zero emission, reduce the noise level by 12 dB, and reduce the operation cost by 1/3

3. Zero emission factory:

in March 2014, Shandong Lingong 524kwp distributed photovoltaic power generation project was successfully tested and officially put into operation. Through the application and promotion of photovoltaic power generation, more than 6500 tons of standard coal will be saved, and more than 16000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced, so as to ensure that enterprises are at the forefront of the industry in reducing greenhouse gas emissions

second, join hands with WWF to advance the new stage of the core concept of energy conservation

energy conservation and emission reduction has always been one of the core value orientations of Lingong. In 2012, Shandong Lingong became the first enterprise in China's machinery industry to sign a "carbon emission reduction pioneer" plan with the "World Wide Fund for nature", entering a new development stage of the core concept of energy conservation. In 2015, it signed a contract with WWF again to practice the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, organize drivers to participate in WWF environmental protection actions, and be volunteers for WWF environmental protection publicity

1. Good driver environmental protection training camp training:

each station invites WWF environmental protection experts to carry out environmental protection training, and distributes WWF environmental protection. At the same time, it can save 7million gallons of publications and environmental protection gifts such as the case collection of the oil refining and oil use education project every year; At the same time, carry out training on energy conservation and environmental protection of construction machinery and environmental protection measures on the construction site of construction machinery to improve the environmental protection awareness and environmental protection operation skills of grass-roots operators

2. Yunnan Xishuangbanna tropical rainforest protection action:

cooperate with local key customers and good driver representatives to jointly participate in the volunteer activities to protect the tropical rainforest

3. Hubei Jianli Yangtze finless porpoise protection action:

cooperate with local key customers and good driver representatives to participate in the Yangtze finless porpoise protection action, protect water resources, protect rare

animals, retain the smiling finless porpoise, and retain the smile of the Yangtze river

4. Jiangxi Poyang Lake Protection Action:

cooperate with local key customers and good driver representatives to participate in the Poyang Lake protection action and jointly protect the ecological environment of Poyang Lake

Shandong Lingong machinery and equipment with reliable performance is the right assistant to create a high-quality life. Looking forward to the future, Shandong Lingong will continue to promote technological innovation, promote the green and intelligent upgrading of products, and continue to provide users with reliable, energy-saving, comfortable and intelligent products

on the evening of March 30, 20:: 30

Shandong Lingong invites you to pay attention to the earth and the present

let the spirit of energy conservation and environmental protection take root in our hearts

tonight we only enjoy the moon, not start work

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