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Talking about the new development of wine packaging (1)

innovation is the key to wine packaging. In recent years, there are not many remarkable places in wine packaging design, but in terms of packaging materials and technology, it has increased a lot of scientific and technological content, made some new breakthroughs, and promoted the development of wine packaging market, which is briefly described as follows

1. Paper materials

the market position of wine packaging dominated by glass bottles has been threatened recently. A plastic bottled Baijiu is replacing glass bottled Baijiu. The shape of this plastic bottle is close to that of a mineral water bottle, and its unique design has attracted the attention of consumers. The fashionable shape and the design of the bottle cap greatly improve the convenience of use

in recent years, a kind of carton wine packaging has appeared in the overseas market and has become a new type of wine packaging product in the production of injection molding packaging materials. This kind of aseptic soft package made of 6-layer composite materials not only has the tightness of the bottle, but also has no risk of breakage. It is easy to carry, open and display. At the same time, it has the advantages of preventing alcohol penetration, volatilization, acid and light. Japanese developers put sake and wine into "Tetra Pak" aseptic brick boxes instead of glass bottles, which can ensure the original flavor of sake and wine, easy to carry, open and display, safety, quality assurance and no risk of breakage. Domestic red wine packaged with paper "Tetra Pak" is even more subversive of the traditional red wine drinking culture. With only a straw, you can drink a sample of red wine like fruit juice, which is deeply loved by young people. Consumers are used to drinking it as a drink, which makes this sake sell well. Cartons 1. Wines packed with loose parts and components during the operation of the experimental machine can be seen everywhere in the European market. At present, cartons of wines in the UK market have accounted for 8.3% of the light wine market

2. Glass materials, but the members of the Committee believe that it is too fast.

China Hefei glass general factory develops crystal like wine bottles with transparent, harmless and non-toxic rare earth. It uses rare earth raw materials to clarify decolorizing agents, adds refined quartz sand and other high-quality materials, and increases the refractive index and transparency of the glass, which can prevent the light from changing color, and achieve a similar crystal effect of permanent brightness and crystal transparency. As a detection instrument, we can't just look at its sales price, It can greatly improve the packaging and taste of wine, and give people a new, strange and beautiful enjoyment

the imitation ceramic glass wine bottle developed by Shandong Jinghua group has obvious advantages over the traditional ceramic bottle with wine packaging. The inner tube is made of glass material, and the appearance is made of ceramic material, which completely overcomes the leakage problem of ceramic packaging wine, and the bottle cap fits tightly with the bottle body, with good sealing effect, and overcomes the defects of the bottle mouth size and standard deviation caused by the thermal expansion of ceramic materials

3. Metal materials

Qingdao Guanghua beer fresh-keeping container Co., Ltd. developed Nell E-type oxygen free beer fresh-keeping barrel, which is a new type of beer packaging container. It adopts an original inflatable automatic pressure storage structure combined with a built-in miniature steel cylinder to ensure the oxygen free operation in the whole process of wine injection, wine production and storage, and ensure the taste of barreled beer. The inner wall of the product is a smooth stainless steel liner, which is easy to clean. Micro mat1c's wine recipe increases the reliability of the barrel. The PU foam insulation layer with uniform thickness is used, which has good thermal insulation. The wine outlet system has a strong defoaming function. The oxygen free wine outlet of the barrel can prevent air from entering the barrel, causing beer oxidation and secondary pollution

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