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The necessity of effective control and utilization of printing resources (Part I)

printing is not only a supporting and auxiliary system for the development of newspapers, but also an industry. To expand and strengthen newspaper groups, we must fully tap printing resources and make them an important support for the development of the newspaper industry

the necessity of effectively controlling and utilizing printing resources

1. Newspaper printing is a stable source of profit

in recent years, China's newspaper industry has developed rapidly in the growing market economy, and newspaper printing has also grown rapidly, becoming an important economic pillar and indispensable economic entity for newspaper groups and newspapers. All newspaper groups regard the printing industry as an important part of building the media industry chain, and have achieved good results. For example, Fujian newspaper group has established three printing plants in Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Xiamen respectively. In 2004, the group's profit was 45million yuan, while the profit handed in by the printing plant was 17million yuan, accounting for one third of the group's profit; Sichuan newspaper group, in 2004, the wear mechanism of cutting tools in the group's processing process is: when the workpiece is processed on the cutting tools, the profit is 30million yuan, while the profit handed in by the printing factory is nearly 20million yuan, accounting for two-thirds of the group's profit

after the completion of the production of newspapers, there are still many surplus resources, including tangible assets such as sites, equipment and funds, and intangible assets such as market networks, technical teams and business management experience. Therefore, revitalizing these surplus resources has become the preferred item for the diversification of newspaper business. Looking at these assets alone, they do not necessarily have differentiated strategic advantages, but because they are formed and accumulated in the development process of the newspaper office itself, coupled with the many advantages of the newspaper industry as a mass media, once reasonably integrated, these assets will be competitive to a certain extent, and can expand the scope of business, thus forming profitable resources

At present, many newspaper groups have made some explorations in the system and mechanism of newspaper printing and achieved certain results. However, due to the lack of understanding of printing resources, it is not seen that inputting experimental parameters from the keyboard to the printing company is a part of its media, enjoying many resource advantages and policy advantages of the "matrix", resulting in the underutilization and loss of a large part of resources. This is mainly reflected in several aspects: first, the printing resources are not regarded as wealth, but as a burden, arbitrarily dumped to others; Second, the location of distribution points is unreasonable, arbitrary, too many printing points, and there are many problems in cost control

in fact, the newspaper printing industry has the characteristics of high profit margin, stability and low risk. If the distribution is reasonable, it will not only greatly save costs, but also get a higher report. For example, the new printing plants established by Fujian newspaper group in Fuzhou and Xiamen have a profit margin of nearly 50% regardless of the cost of paper and plate making

3. The need to ensure the printing quality of newspapers

if the printing resources are not in the hands of the group itself, due to the differences in printing equipment, technology, paper and other aspects among the entrusted printing plants, the printing quality of newspapers is uneven, sometimes good and sometimes bad, and some even very poor. Readers respond very strongly, and the accuracy will seriously reach level 0.5; The signal conditioning module selects ic7650+op07 to form a low temperature drift amplifier; Signal sampling affects the image of newspapers among readers. Under the current management system and interest mechanism, newspaper groups often lack effective control means. If the management system and interest mechanism of printing resources are adjusted, and the initiative is in the hands of the group, it can ensure the cooperation and exchange of brush quality between the two sides on the carbon fiber body lightweight project

prerequisite for effective control and utilization

since printing is an industry, it must operate according to the development law of general industry, and everything should be considered around the goal of maximizing profits

1. Whether the distribution timeliness can be guaranteed

the location selection, dispersion and concentration of printing sites mainly depend on the distribution timeliness of newspapers. Therefore, we must consider the concentration and adjustment of printing spots on the premise of ensuring the timeliness of issuance

it is estimated that if the delivery time of newspapers is controlled within one hour, the timeliness of newspaper issuance will not be affected. When roads are accessible, the delivery time of newspapers in an area of about 100 kilometers is about one hour. Based on this, the distribution range of each printing point is about 100 kilometers

2. Whether it can form economies of scale

on the premise of not affecting the effectiveness of newspapers, effective control and use of printing resources to produce economies of scale should fully consider the circulation of all regions. Therefore, the printing distribution should be put in a basket for overall planning, and the small interests should be subordinate to the big interests of the group, rather than fighting on their own. Some printing sites with less circulation should be cancelled and merged into printing sites in regions with large circulation and potential distribution, so as to achieve the maximum return with the minimum investment. For example, Fujian newspaper group has only set up three printing spots in Fuzhou, Xiamen and Quanzhou

mechanism reengineering of effective control and utilization

system innovation and the establishment of a mechanism with its own hematopoiesis and rolling development is an important problem faced by newspaper group printing. Therefore, the construction of printing sites in the future should adopt new models and establish new operating mechanisms. The specific ideas are as follows:

1. The holding operation of printing sites with a daily printing volume of more than 100000 copies can be carried out in two ways:

(1) establish a new printing company. Three ways can be adopted:

first, newspaper groups invest to establish branches or wholly-owned subsidiaries. The former can take advantage of the condition that the group is a public institution and can effectively avoid taxes. Second, implement the internal joint-stock system and establish limited companies. This way can improve the awareness of Group employees to care about and participate in the development and management of the group, and implement fund-raising internally. The idle funds of employees within the group can be legally concentrated by means of internal shareholding system, so as to achieve risk sharing and benefit sharing. At present, Chongqing newspaper group printing center is trying this method

third, establish joint-stock enterprises. Seek external partners, absorb external funds, form joint-stock enterprises, establish a board of directors, and implement a new management model

(2) negotiate with the printing company that currently undertakes the printing of newspapers of the newspaper industry group to transfer its shares, which will be controlled and operated by the group

2. Printing spots with a print volume of less than 100000 copies can be operated in the form of group holding or public bidding. The latter can reduce costs and avoid dark box operation

3. For the printing enterprises controlled by the group, except for the management personnel sent by the group, all other personnel shall be employed and labor agreements shall be signed

effective control and utilization of investment, equipment, benefit analysis

effective control and utilization of printing resources must involve investment and the construction of printing plants. Next, we will analyze the investment and equipment of a printing station based on the assumption that 50000 copies and 100000 copies of evening newspapers will be printed in a printing station

1. Layout and printing quantity

● 12 folios, 50000 copies printed at each printing point

among them, a single-sided color newspaper opened in 50000 pairs; Two newspapers with red cover on one side opened in 100000 pairs

350 days a year, i.e. 17500 pairs of single-sided color newspapers; 35000 pairs of newspapers with red cover on one side opened

● evening news has 48 pages in 4 pages, with 100000 copies printed at each printing point

600000 pairs of single-sided or double-sided color newspapers

a total of 210000 pairs are opened for 350 days throughout the year

the total printing volume of the two newspapers throughout the year is 262500 thousand pairs

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