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Analysis of common problems in construction safety and prevention measures

Abstract: the leakage protector of construction power is set up unreasonably, especially the leakage protector of switch box is not only complete, but also multi-purpose. As the most effective measure to control electric shock accidents, the leakage protector should be set up reasonably, sensitively and reliably, and checked regularly

key words: construction, common safety problems, analysis, prevention and control measures

I. The construction unit

1. Failure to handle the construction permit in time leads to lagging safety supervision procedures, entry supervision and tower crane installation approval. This phenomenon is common in government projects and is the primary link leading to ineffective supervision and non-standard behavior

measures: take the initiative to handle the procedures of early intervention in time, and the competent construction department should give support and strictly check

2. The safety measures fee was not allocated in advance according to the regulations, resulting in the lack of on-site safety measures

measures; The competent department shall inspect the implementation of the safety measure fee payment plan and punish violations

II. The supervision unit

1. The supervisors do not carefully review the construction organization design or special construction scheme, simply approve and agree to this scheme, and do not understand the safety calculation or lack experience of common dangerous projects such as deep foundation pit, high slope, tower crane, formwork, scaffold, hoisting, etc


① the supervision company shall set up full-time and part-time safety supervision engineers to conduct key or special spot checks on the review of various schemes

② organize special safety training, introduce experience among project departments, encourage self-study and publish papers

③ establish a preliminary review system, conduct a preliminary and detailed review of the construction organization design or construction scheme, and require the construction unit in writing to carefully revise it and re submit it for review

2. Poor supervision of the implementation of safety measures, lack of awareness, turning a blind eye to potential safety hazards or leaving an exemption basis is considered as a job assignment


① the supervision company should formulate a safety inspection system, clarify the responsibilities of on-site safety supervision, and spot check the on-site safety situation

② arrange supervisors with strong hearts and rich safety experience in projects with high risks

③ the project department should regularly check the site safety, urge rectification, and issue a stop work order or report to the competent department when necessary

III. The construction unit

1. The enterprise did not establish an expert demonstration system, did not allocate enough expert level personnel, and signed the construction organization design or special construction scheme of the project with high risk, which did not really play a role in checking

measures: the competent department should stipulate the number and qualification of experts at different levels of enterprises, and include them in the annual inspection, so as to change the situation that the number of experts at low levels of enterprises does not meet the level of the contracted project. The National Certified Safety Engineer shall be equipped gradually, and the list of members of the expert group shall be sent to each project department for on-site supervision

2. Each project department did not allocate enough full-time safety officers or full-time, which was actually part-time, and the number of trained certified scaffolders and other minority types of work was insufficient


① the competent department should strengthen training to solve the problem of insufficient personnel

② the supervision unit shall strictly control and the construction unit shall support it

3. The safety basis in the preparation basis of construction organization design is incorrect and incomplete, the quoted specifications are outdated, the content of safety measures is lack of pertinence and depth is not enough, especially the copying of ready-made modules in small and medium-sized projects has become a common phenomenon. The technical director in charge of preparing the construction organization design is currently the weak link in the construction force. Most of the young people have been promoted to project managers or important positions in enterprises. A large number of young people have been employed to enrich the front line, often lacking experience. The rest of the old comrades have aging knowledge and insufficient energy, and are unable to be competent for the intense and heavy work on site. In addition, the construction period is tight or the construction preparation time is insufficient, so the preparation quality of the construction organization design can be imagined, Its current situation is worrying, and technical responsibility is the only position without clear qualification requirements in the construction market to avoid personnel mistakes


① the competent department shall stipulate the qualifications of the technical director and review them, such as academic qualifications, professional titles, work qualifications, etc., and provide necessary training. When the conditions are mature, they should pass the examination and take the post with certificates

② construction enterprises should focus on the training of technical directors, appropriately check their qualifications, carefully review and standardize the construction organization design and scheme

③ the supervision project department not only carefully reviews the construction organization design and scheme, but also provides appropriate assistance to young technical directors

4. For those with high risks, such as deep foundation pit, high slope, tower crane foundation, earth excavation, formwork, scaffold, hoisting, etc., the application is wide, the technical requirements are high, the preparation of the scheme is not standardized

and the pertinence is not strong. They often apply ready-made modules and adjust them based on experience. There are many errors in stress analysis and calculation, incomplete structural requirements, and ineffective safety measures. Once an accident occurs, the consequences are serious, It is easy to cause mass death and injury or heavy property loss. In order to ensure safety and personal exemption, the scheme preparation is often too conservative, resulting in a large waste of resources. In addition to the low level and enthusiasm of the staff, the lack of experience, the lax control of construction enterprises and supervisors, and the tight construction period have all had an impact, but it is difficult to solve for the time being

measures: it is suggested that the state should start from the source, take administrative intervention, properly transform and upgrade traditional industries, and solve the problem of intellectual property rights, organize experts and scholars to prepare training materials and standardized texts of implementation cases for the above problems, or promote the more authoritative calculation software of construction safety facilities that has passed the examination

5. Implementation of safety technical measures

① the setting of leakage protectors for construction power is unreasonable, especially the leakage protection setting of switch box is incomplete, and one leakage is multi-purpose. As the most effective measure to control electric shock accidents, leakage protectors should be set reasonably, sensitively and reliably, and checked regularly

② the lighting under the manually dug pile shall be 12V, and the low-voltage lamp is generally 36V on site

③ the strength and thickness of the concrete for the retaining wall of the manually dug pile are insufficient, the reinforcement is not set according to the design requirements, the slings and slings are not firm and not checked, the lifting objects and water extractors do not leave the post, the safety baffle is not set, the hole cover is not tight, the wellhead falls objects, the guardrail is not set, and the ladder is not set. Photo source: danimerscientific, the air quality or ventilation is not checked according to the regulations

④ the tower crane operates in advance without security inspection, and it is not allowed to operate if it does not comply with the ten rules. The limiter is dismantled privately, and the high-voltage line is not provided with protective and isolation measures

⑤ scaffolds and poles on the ground are not checked after rain, safety belts are not fastened correctly when dismantling scaffolds, and they are thrown at high altitude. No warning line is drawn on the ground and there is no one to monitor

⑥ the elevator wellhead is not provided with 1.2m high upper and lower guardrails as required, and there are many falling accidents

measures: the competent department is requested to make statistical analysis on common safety problems that are common and easy to cause casualty accidents, and list the common problems with great harm in the form of documents, which will be enforced as a strong standard in the strong standard, which is also conducive to the convenient operation of the on-site owner and supervisor, strengthen supervision, and further ensure the safety of the project

due to the author's experience and space, the contents not mentioned, especially the use of safety input, are not described. Please give supplementary advice to the majority of peers

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