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On the second day of the lunar new year on February 11, after a night of heavy snow, the rising sun shone on the vast roads and plants in the industrial city of Saint dizier in northeastern France. At 8 o'clock in the morning, Wang Dongqing, director of the R & D center of Yituo (France) agricultural equipment Co., Ltd., and five engineers led by him arrived at the factory on time. They

on February 11, the second day of the lunar new year, after a night of heavy snow, the rising sun shines on the vast roads and factories in the industrial city of Saint dizier in northeastern France. At 8 o'clock in the morning, Wang Dongqing, director of the R & D center of Yituo (France) agricultural equipment Co., Ltd., and five engineers led by him arrived at the factory on time. They took out the drawings, turned on the computer, and began a day of intense work. Li Hang, the deputy general manager of the company, was busy picking up customers in Paris, more than 250 kilometers away

this is an ordinary day for them to work in France. On New Year's Eve and new year's day, the seven of them got together to make dumplings and eat hot pot, and had a simple and warm new year

in March 2011, China Yituo, headquartered in Luoyang, acquired the tractor parts factory of Italian agricultural machinery giant Argo in San Di ziye, becoming the first case of overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese agricultural machinery enterprises. Among the company's 192 employees, only 10 are Chinese technical managers. They worked hard and silently dedicated to their posts in foreign countries

this is the fifth Spring Festival that Li Hang has spent abroad, and the first three years are in Africa. As a staff member in charge of overseas sales of China Yituo, running everywhere has become his normal work. He said, "my family is used to it."

several engineers were sent to France only last May. The children of Wang Zhanxing, Jia Fang and Zhang Lu are only oneortwo years old. They can only watch the children grow up, crawl and walk in or MSN videos every day... The youngest Wang Fukai is a post-85 generation. He just got his marriage certificate before going abroad, and he hurried off before the ceremony could be handled. He told this newspaper, "now that we have come out, we need to overcome difficulties in this market. The first thing is to do our job well."

for these Chinese working overseas, there are still many difficulties to overcome. The factory before the acquisition of China Yituo lost money for 10 consecutive years due to poor management, production almost stopped, and a large number of personnel were laid off. After China Yituo took over, the workers came back and the machines started. This old factory, which has a history of nearly 60 years, came to life again. The local government also welcomed it and hoped that China Yituo could expand production and drive local economic development

China Yituo has "After coming here, technical managers with single chip as the core should be familiar with local laws and regulations and employment system, repair relations with former suppliers, update the old production equipment in the factory, expand the sales and service network, and have language difficulties. They can only communicate with French colleagues in English or through translation... Only they can appreciate the hardships of entrepreneurship.

at present, the annual production capacity of the factory can reach 40million Euros, but the actual sales volume is only 20million euros. Wang Dongqing said that the factory is in the recovery, running in and adaptation period. The rotating shaft torque durability tester is an instrument for testing the mechanical properties such as the service life, torque, compression resistance and bending resistance of the rotating shaft used in the products. They are actively trying to explore the market. In addition to continuing to supply products to former Italian customers, the Chinese market is also a priority. They have cooperated with French technicians to introduce the power shift transmission system in the mainstream European tractor market to China

according to reports, tractors equipped with a power shift transmission system have been widely used in European and American farms because of their fuel saving, reliable performance, high operation efficiency and comfortable operation. In recent years, China's domestic demand for such tractors has increased rapidly, but the production conditions have not kept up. With this French factory, it not only greatly saves time and cost, but also shortens the gap between China and Europe in tractor manufacturing technology. Wang Dongqing said that in addition to producing transmissions, this factory will also exist as a research and development center of China Yituo. Chinese and French engineers will work together to develop new technologies and products

"Chinese enterprises have gone abroad, ending the situation in which Chinese people used to fight alone in foreign markets." Li Hang said with deep feeling, "it is not easy for Chinese enterprises to develop abroad. We carry the expectations of our motherland and relatives and stick to the front line of production abroad. Understanding and support from home will be the biggest driving force for our work."

in the factory, I saw the Frenchman aiting who worked in the purchasing department. She studied Chinese in China for a year. She said, "our cooperation with the Chinese boss is very good. It takes some time to understand and communicate, but so far everything has gone well. I am very satisfied with the working environment here."

on the wall of the engineer Jean Pierre's office, there are three slightly astringent Chinese characters with "good Spring Festival" written on the word board. "I learned to write this!" He told, "after the Chinese came, we had specific projects, and the suppliers came back one after another. I have confidence in the future cooperation plan."

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