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Also talk about the necessity of integrating CRM and call center system

the necessity of integrating CRM and call center

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a management tool centered on customer management to standardize the marketing, sales process, technical support and customer service of enterprises. Establishing a complete CRM system is the first primary goal to improve customer satisfaction and service quality

call center is also called customer service center, which generally refers to that enterprises provide services to customers by disclosing a distress service number (such as 10086) that is especially faced with no way to complain in the rubber industry and plastic industry. As the main tool for front-end contact with customers, management enhances the goal of providing satisfactory services to customers

the two systems seem to be technically independent. CRM is a pure business system, and the call center is a central processing system, but in practical application, it must be one. An isolated call center is like a huge customer service place. Customers can come here to seek services, but there is no really effective service system and process to efficiently accept and deal with customers' problems. In short, only when they are combined can they bring fundamental changes in customer service level and quality to enterprises

disadvantages of lack of CRM system call center:

1. Due to the lack of effective and timely CRM records, it is impossible to fully understand what business relationships customers have had with the company, such as customer files, contact information, activity records, orders, historical after-sales service, etc

2. Business processing is usually a process of team cooperation, and the data recorded by the call center cannot be shared and fed back in real time and effectively within the team

3. Due to the lack of proper understanding of customer business information, customers cannot be classified in value (such as senior customers, general customers, etc.), so they cannot take the initiative to care for customers and explore customer value

4. A series of valuable solutions and experiences of the staff in the actual problem-solving can not be shared in the call center service, and even cause the ultimate loss of information, etc

contribution significance of integrated system CRM:

comprehensive customer relationship records -- including customers' static files and dynamic records (such as activity records, purchase records, service records, etc.) can be accurately and timely reflected

perfect customer problem counseling -- find the summary and typical customer service problems through information statistics, cluster analysis and other means, improve product and service problems, and improve customer complaints

information sharing - through the basic data collection of the call center, it realizes the synchronization and sharing of information across departments, businesses and portals. People in different departments work together with customer information as a link, which improves work efficiency and service level, and then improves customer satisfaction

the contribution of the integrated system call center:

the call center provides enterprises with multiple channels to communicate with the outside world, and provides automatic voice response (IVR) to automatically receive a large number of customer visits. At the same time, it can record customer information and problem types according to the requirements of CRM. CRM software can analyze it, search out potential customer clues, and register, track and manage them

the call center can identify key customers and key businesses through CTI technology, query customer call and call records through CRM software, automatically assign the person in charge to the designated important customers, realize one-to-one customer service, and assign important businesses to the corresponding responsible departments and personnel for processing, which not only improves work efficiency, but also saves customers' time and improves the service level

how to choose CRM and call center integrated system

with the understanding that it must be integrated, let's see what problems still exist in the system that can be provided in the market:

a kind of problems: supplier problems

1. CRM manufacturers and call center manufacturers are independent of each other

2. The business platform provided by the call center manufacturer is usually targeted development, with simple original functions and lack of necessary flexibility. The business process cannot change with the development of the enterprise

3. The business statements developed by the call center manufacturers cannot meet the analysis needs of the continuous development of the enterprise

4. CRM manufacturers and call center manufacturers cooperate and integrate, and the two systems are implemented by separate teams and provided with separate services, which brings great risks to the after-sales service of enterprises, and can not provide perfect and continuous product application support for enterprises

class II problems: Call Center Solution Problems

1. Switch based call center - mainly composed of professional switches (PBX), CTI servers, IVR servers and other connections. With large processing capacity, complete functions and stable performance, it is suitable for building a large call center system with more than 100 seats

disadvantages: the construction cost is also high, which ordinary enterprises cannot afford

2. It is a call center based on boards - system integrators integrate boards from different manufacturers into a system according to the specific needs of customers, so as to realize the control of user calls by computers through voice processing boards. Compared with the call center based on switch, it has low cost and flexible design, but this is at the cost of performance gap

disadvantages: it does not have strong exchange processing capacity, has special functions, and its stability is difficult to guarantee. It can only be used to establish temporary special systems, and it cannot be called a call center in the strict sense

3. Call center based on network or network switch (IP-PBX) - a new type of call center, which not only has the stability and powerful switching function of switching model, but also has the advantages of board type, flexible design and low cost

advantages: economical and practical, distributed call center can be deployed, and enterprise service team and office can be integrated

Beijing Shangneng Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Shangneng) is an absolutely leading manufacturer integrating CRM and IPPBX call center in China. It is committed to providing professional CRM and call center software, and providing perfect customer relationship management informatization solutions for customers. It is one of the most powerful companies in the development and service field of domestic customer relationship management (CRM) software and call center. Through perfect service systems such as application software, application consulting, scheme planning, system implementation, personnel training, post service, etc., the company comprehensively helps enterprises that can respond to solvents in real time and produce large-scale deformation to quickly implement the customer relationship management strategy

in the field of CRM, Beijing Shangneng CRM system has become the software product with the highest implementation satisfaction in the field of CRM in China after six versions of development, and has successively won the top 100 management software, top 10 CRM, the most potential award for management software, the most popular customer relationship management system Award and other awards

in the field of call center, Beijing Shangneng call center system is dominated by IP technology, which perfectly combines traditional communication technology and IP technology, and integrates traditional circuit voice exchange and processing technology, so that users can easily choose between traditional communication and IP communication, and efficiently realize the transmission, communication and interaction of data, voice and multimedia based on computer and network

the integrated platform provided by Beijing Shangneng has fully integrated CRM and call center, has all independent intellectual property rights, and can provide a full range of 360 degree services from consulting, design to software development and maintenance. At present, Beijing Shangneng's products can be widely used and stably operated in many industries with many successful cases simply by adding corresponding masterbatches, Have strong R & D capabilities and rich experience in project implementation. With the rapid growth of the company's team, the current customer distribution has covered nearly 2/3 of China, and has established a considerable brand awareness across the country, which has been widely praised. (end)

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