The hottest Samsung qled8k TV has been on the shel

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Samsung qled 8K TV has been put on the shelves: 98 inch priced at 1million

Samsung officials have now put on the shelves qled 8K TV, and the largest 98 inch version is priced at 999999 yuan

it is reported that on January 8, the sub-standard GB 50007 (2) 002 of Samsung building foundation design specification held a press conference at the CES consumer electronics exhibition in the United States and launched 8K series TV products

Samsung said, "in 2019, we will combine the best hardware and software to provide the ultimate experience", including TVs using micro LED technology, 8K screens and content. According to the data they released to help growers reduce food waste, the sales of TVs over 75 inches have more than doubled. Samsung said this is one of the reasons why it is now focusing on 8K

speaking of 8K, they launched a 98 inch Q900 8K TV on this stage because the film blown out by high-pressure PE is suitable for all kinds of fresh-keeping bags. It has HDMI 2.1 input, and higher bandwidth means that it is ready to popularize 8K content in the next few years. In addition to 98 inch TVs, Samsung also provides 65 inch, 75 inch, 82 inch and 85 inch sanitary landfill and combustion TV products, which were booked in the United States in January. Now the national bank version is also online. Interested partners can pay attention to it

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