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Samsung Medical signed 624million yuan overseas energy meter contract

on February 29, Samsung Medical announced that the total bid winning amount for its subsidiaries to sign overseas energy meter contracts was about 624million yuan. Swedish project: Ningbo Sanxing Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sanxing intelligent"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ningbo Sanxing Medical Electric Co., Ltd., and Sweden vatte

on February 29, Sanxing medical announced that about the signing of overseas energy meter bid winning contracts by its subsidiaries, the total bid winning amount was about 624 million yuan

Swedish project: Ningbo Samsung smart electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Samsung smart"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ningbo Samsung Medical Electric Co., Ltd., signed a daily operation contract with Sweden 12. Weight: about 500kgvattenfalleldistributionab (hereinafter referred to as "VAT production cost will definitely fall to tenfall"). Vattenfall awarded Samsung smart the second generation smart meter project, and Samsung smart as the general contractor, Provide smart meters with a total contract amount of 733 million Swedish kroner, about 540 million yuan. Vattenfall is one of the largest producers and retailers of electricity and heat energy in Europe

Indonesia project: ptcitrasanxingindonesia, an Indonesian subsidiary of Samsung Medical, recently signed a supply contract for single-phase prepayment meters in 2020 with Indonesia's ptperusahaanlistriknegara (PERSERO), with a contract amount of 17.6 billion rupiah, about 84 million yuan. The total amount of the above two contracts is about 624million yuan

it is understood that the total amount of the two transaction contracts is about 624million yuan, accounting for 10.63% of the company's audited operating revenue in 2018. The performance of the contract will have a positive impact on the company's business work and performance, but will not have an impact on the independent 500 ton, 800 ton and 1200 ton all terrain cranes in the company's business operation

Ningbo Samsung Medical Electric is a provider of integrated solutions for intelligent power distribution. Its products include smart meters, transformers, boxes, glass fiber and other reinforced composite fiber materials, light and solid substations, switchgear, charging piles and other power equipment. The company has R & D and manufacturing bases in Ningbo and Hangzhou, as well as two overseas R & D and manufacturing bases in Brazil and Indonesia, with marketing channels and strategic cooperation projects in more than 50 countries and regions

in January 2020, in the procurement activity of "the first batch of domestic equipment for the Saudi smart meter project of China Power Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd." (bidding No.: cet-2019-hljl-zb-jzxtp25), Samsung Medical Electric won the bid for this project, winning a total of 3 packages, with a total bid winning amount of about 302.2349 million yuan. (source: instrument)

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