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Samsung launched the production of large-size OLED panels and will develop new technologies that combine quantum dots and OLED

it was widely rumored that after the release of Samsung leader Li Zairong, he asked for a review of Samsung Electronics' OLED TV business, which means that Samsung may restart the production of large-size OLED panels. Although Samsung executives denied it, rumors are still flying, and there are more rumors that Samsung will develop new technologies that combine quantum dots and OLED

According to Yonhap, investor and etnews, Han Jong hee, President of Samsung's electronic visual display business, said in Seoul that Samsung's investment in OLED TV is not true. The company will continue to promote the dual track strategy and develop quantum dot TV (qled) and micro LED TV at the same time

the qled currently promoted by Samsung is a high-end liquid crystal (LCD) panel produced by using quantum dot technology, which is different from OLED

Samsung executives affirmed, but the media did not buy it. They pointed out that Chinese competitors' products were cheap and good, and Samsung LCD TVs were facing a severe test. They quietly re developed OLEDs, especially TVs in the field of medical devices or automobiles

it is said that Samsung display, a panel factory under Samsung Electronics, will set up a 300 person OLED TV R & D team in the LCD TV Department, hoping to commercialize new technologies when they reach this range in 2021 and 2022. Moreover, it is said that Samsung also plans to develop new inkjet production technology by combining quantum dots and OLED panels. The method is to use blue OLED as a light source and spray red and green quantum dots on the blue OLED panel. The new panel is called "QD OLED" (quantum dot OLED)

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