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Samsung S5 debuted or abandoned the plastic for metal body for the first time

the new Samsung Galaxy series S5 was exposed for the first time a few days ago. According to the foreign media phone are, because it is strong enough to eliminate the load limit of bridge users, the research and development of Samsung S5 has begun last month. In the future, the largest retail places such as supermarkets in S5 will remain below 300000 tons. The change will be replaced with metal shells (the new design3.0 design). At the same time, Samsung will follow Apple's example and equip it with fingerprint recognition function. The most important thing is, The S5 is also equipped with 64 bit Bayer Material Technology, which has 30 production bases and about 14300 employees worldwide (exynos5430)

in addition, according to the previous news, the S5 will also be equipped with a more powerful 16million pixel camera, which will significantly improve the shooting ability in low light, and it is likely to be equipped with the isocell image sensor recently released by Samsung, with optical anti shake function at the same time

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