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The current situation and trend of China's corrugated box industry (1)

the current situation and development trend of China's corrugated box industry

-- 2003 China's corrugated box industry report

with the continuous deepening of China's reform and opening up, the continuous development of the national economy, the rapid expansion of foreign investment, China's corrugated box industry, since entering the new century, has developed rapidly, changed greatly, changed slightly in one year, and changed greatly in three years. Various signs show that in the first three years of the new century, China's carton packaging industry has entered a new period of development.

... From gradual change to leap...

in the past three years, China's corrugated box industry has been busy developing, experiencing the process of gradual change to sudden change. Please review and have a look at the great changes in our industry.

China has fully entered the period of corrugated production lines

in today's motherland, thousands of carton manufacturing enterprises have been dominated by several corrugated production lines. From the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and coastal economically developed areas, there are more than 2000 corrugated production lines, and almost all corrugated cardboard on the market is provided by production lines. The quality of corrugated board has basically reached the national standard. The high-quality corrugated

cardboard is processed into cartons through the rear equipment, which contain goods and smoothly enter the domestic and foreign markets. In other regions of China, cardboard processing cartons produced by corrugated production lines have also gradually gained an advantage. From the 1970s to 1980s, the single machine production period of corrugated boxes in China; The production period of corrugated single-sided machine from the early 1990s to the mid-1990s has become history. After seven or eight years of development around the new century, a new era of corrugated box production line production in China has been created.

China has basically realized the specialized division of labor in the corrugated box industry

due to technological progress, the popularity of corrugated production lines and the formation of large enterprise positioning, there must be a specialized division of labor for carton machinery and corrugated board and carton. In the period of single machine production and single-sided machine production of corrugated boxes in China, carton production enterprises generally adopt the small production mode of "large and complete", "small and complete, generally 1. Start looking for images and use low-power objective lens first", which is characterized by that everything does not ask for others. In the period of single machine and single-sided machine, the industry market competition in the small production period is disordered and chaotic

in the period when China's carton industry entered the corrugated production line, that is, the period of modern mass production, large enterprises mastered advanced production line tools, became leading enterprises, and many small and medium-sized enterprises became satellite enterprises, forming an interdependent relationship of mutual cooperation. Large enterprises provided high-quality corrugated cardboard, which was distributed to surrounding small enterprises to process Cartons and supply them to users in addition to processing cartons themselves. This

is commonly referred to as "centralized board making and decentralized box making", which is the specialized division of labor of products. There is also a professional division of labor between the front and the back in the carton machinery manufacturing industry.

specialization is a manifestation of modern scientific progress. The level of an industry and an enterprise depends on the degree of specialization.

China's corrugated box manufacturing enterprises have basically completed the transformation of public ownership

carton production enterprises in the planned economy period are basically all public-owned enterprises. Carton production enterprises established after China's market economy are mostly rural collectively owned enterprises. After years of continuous and accelerated restructuring, China's carton production enterprises are basically joint-stock private enterprises, individual private enterprises. The reform of the ownership of production enterprises is the great liberation of productive forces and the only way for the development of modern enterprises. In the period of public ownership, carton manufacturing enterprises need to develop and launch projects, demonstrate and write reports, report, obtain approval, ask for funds, and find banks. There are a lot of complicated procedures and time delays, often dreaming at night. This system restricts the development of productive forces. Today's private enterprises "do it when it's time to do it", which is straightforward, efficient and fast-growing.

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