Current situation and trend of PS market last week

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PS market status last week and trend this week (3/3

overview of the Asian market

last time, the purchase was divided into six packages. The price of PS in Asia is still unclear. The long-awaited demand after the holiday is depressed due to the possible war between the United States and Iraq. Those manufacturers with large inventories actively try to find ways to ship. The price direction seems difficult to judge because of the SM price draft. It is reported that traders have accumulated considerable inventory due to the weak demand of users and they have reduced subsequent purchases. Some traders clean up their inventory is Because they want to reduce storage costs, and some are afraid that prices will continue to fall. Major traders in the Hong Kong market still adhere to the original quotation, but the GPPS price traded between traders and users has fallen to CFR 930 US dollars/ton, while hips is about US dollars/ton (CFR Hong Kong). In the Southeast Asian market, in order to arouse the buyer's interest, the seller's quotation continued to decline. The seller's quotation of gpps950 USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia) and hips980 USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia) cannot arouse the buyer's interest. The retail price of GPPS is USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia), and the lower price is said to be USD 910/ton (CFR Southeast Asia). Hips transactions are basically in US dollars/ton (CFR Southeast Asia)

domestic market overview

last week, the domestic PS market was still weak, and the market price of many brand products fell by yuan/ton. At the weekend, the main price of GPPS was yuan/ton, and that of hips was yuan/ton. Last week, domestic PS manufacturers had different views on the future market. Some manufacturers continued to raise their quotations due to the high SM price. Some manufacturers took the initiative to reduce their prices after their sales were blocked for more than a week in a row to try to arouse the buyer's interest. Most manufacturers believed that the trend of PS was still unclear, and the market was likely to rebound at any time. Moreover, it was unwise to reduce the price at present, so they continued to maintain a wait-and-see situation. Although traders who were bearish on the aftermarket last week continued to reduce their quotations and led to the decline in the rotation of the transmission shaft driven by the main and auxiliary pulleys due to the automatic storage function of the experimental data, fortunately, most traders did not follow the trend and cautious operation was their common understanding at this stage. In the downstream, except for the demand for TV and audio-visual equipment, users in other industries are still not willing to purchase, and the lack of orders makes them more reluctant to bear the risk of purchasing high priced raw materials. It should be adjusted that the spot price in Hong Kong market continued to fall last week. At the weekend, traders quoted about USD/ton (CIF Hong Kong) for GPPS and USD/ton (CIF Hong Kong) for hips. Pearl River Delta market: generally, the price of PS declines slightly, but the prices of products such as Yangba and Qimei are relatively stable. At weekends, the main price of GPPS is yuan/ton, hips is about yuan/ton, Qimei pg33 is quoted at 9600 yuan/ton, and ph88h is about 10000 yuan/ton; The quotation of Yangba 158k is about 9500 yuan/ton, and 476l is about 10100 yuan/ton; The quotation of Chevron 3100 is about 9200 yuan/ton, and 6025 is about 9600 yuan/ton. Yuyao Ningbo market: affected by the price reduction of Yanhua and the arrival of new Sino US low-cost goods, the general PS price fell by about yuan/ton, the general GPPS main price at the weekend was about yuan/ton, and hips was yuan/ton. The quotation of Yangba 158k is yuan/ton, and 476l is about 10000 yuan/ton; The quotation of Chevron 3100 is about yuan/ton, and 6025 is about yuan/ton


the performance of the domestic PS market last week was still weak. If there is still no good news to stimulate the market this week, the domestic PS market will continue to be weak this week

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