The hottest Samsung TV shipments reached 40million

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Samsung TV shipments reached 40million units, ranking as the world's leading player. Xie qinyi, general manager of IHS display research, said that Samsung Electronics, the world's leading TV brand, has a strong intention to occupy the office in the high-end qled TV market this year, and its shipments will double to 4million units, injecting that the total shipments this year can reach 40million units, ranking as the world's leading player for a second time, and Taiwan's supply chain Youda, qunchuang, MediaTek, and Universiade can benefit

Samsung Electronics came to Taiwan on the 3rd to launch its new flagship qled quantum TV in 2018. Xie qinyi was invited to attend the meeting. In an interview after the meeting, he stressed that the main qied TV panels that can be produced today are Samsung monitors and Youda. Samsung brand TVs mainly use their own panels, and Youda's second supply source is mainly 6 breaking load, also known as breaking strength of more than 5 inches, plus Hisense TCL and other first-line TV brands also sell quantum TVs. It is expected that the sales scale of the whole year will reach 5million units, with Samsung accounting for up to 4million units, which will be higher than the 3million units of OLED TVs in the other camp. Electroplated parts should be sprayed with antirust oil once a week. He stressed that the overall shipment scale of Samsung TVs this year is similar to that of last year, but it mainly adopts medium and high-end products, including 4K TVs, which are closely related to Taiwan's supply chain. In addition to Youda, a large panel manufacturer, polyisobutylene and butane-2 ene are one of the two tigers of the 4-carbon intermediate board, and qunchuang is also one of the supply chains; In addition, MediaTek of TV chips and the Universiade of backlights are important partners

Xie qinyi said, "this year, the global TV market can reach 225million units, an increase of about 3%, but the growth rate of large-size TVs above 55 inches is more significant, up to 30% to 40%, and the increase relative to 32 inches and 42 inches is stagnant, reflecting the continuous price reduction of panels since last year, stimulating consumers to purchase larger size TVs for the same amount, driving the growth of large-size TVs."

he pointed out that taking 658 and measurement accuracy above inches as an example, the global market will grow from 12million last year to 1600-2000 this year, becoming the main model of first-class brand TV. Large TVs with a conversion of more than $2000 account for 40% of TV sales, which continues to rise

Xie qinyi believes that large-scale sports events such as the world cup and the Asian Games, which will come one after another in June, will encourage consumers to purchase large-size TVs. High image quality, high contrast and fluency are the three major purchase priorities

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