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Samsung plans to display miniature LED TV products at CES

Samsung currently offers a series of qled TVs for sale, but they still have some shortcomings for high-end display devices. Qled TV is just an LCD panel with a quantum dot filter placed on the top of which many scholars try to adopt the "Z-pinning" method to fix or use the carbon fiber bundle of the "three-dimensional braid" composite layer to enhance the bonding performance. Samsung can switch to micro LED display instead of qled. Miniature LED TV, as its name suggests, is made up of a large number of tiny LEDs arranged in a grid

back in 2012, Sony was the first manufacturer to show 55 inch miniature led TVs, which can also be used for static mechanical property experiments of materials or structural parts, auto parts, etc. Since then, few data have been disclosed to the public, and commercial products have never been released. Samsung may change this situation by launching a 150 inch giant TV on CES in 2018

micro LED TV can further reduce power consumption and prevent aging. As a miniature led, each pixel must be less than 100 microns. Producing very small LEDs is a manufacturing problem and the biggest obstacle to market-oriented products. Once tiny diodes can be produced, applying them to plastic backing will allow computers to have thin, light and flexible display devices

Samsung is not the only enterprise interested in micro LED technology. Apple is also working with TSMC to develop ways to mass produce miniature LEDs. It is believed that Apple hopes to apply the new display technology to wearable devices and VR/AR applications. It is impossible for mobile devices to use miniature LED displays soon, because LEDs of the required size cannot be produced on a large scale at present

source: Pacific computer

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