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The development status and trend of China's stamping die manufacturing technology

in recent years, the die industry has been developing rapidly at a growth rate of about 15%, and the ownership composition of die industry enterprises has also changed greatly. In addition to state-owned professional die factories, collectives, joint ventures, sole proprietorship and private enterprises have also developed rapidly. "Hometown of molds" in Ningbo and Huangyan, Zhejiang Province; Some large group companies and rapidly rising township enterprises in Guangdong, Kelon, Midea, Konka and other groups have established their own mold manufacturing centers; There are thousands of Sino foreign joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned mold enterprises

with the accelerating pace of international integration and the increasing market competition, people have increasingly realized the importance of product quality, cost and the development ability of new products. Mold manufacturing is one of the most basic elements in the whole chain. In recent years, many mold enterprises have increased investment in technological progress, and regard technological progress as an important driving force for enterprise development. Some domestic mold enterprises, which are mainly divided according to the use of steel hammers, have popularized two-dimensional CAD, and have begun to use international general-purpose software such as UG, pro/engineer, I-DEAS, Euclid is, etc. some manufacturers have also introduced CAE software such as Moldflow, C-flow, DYNAFORM, optris and magmaft, which have been successfully applied to the design of stamping dies

the manufacturing technology of large stamping dies represented by automobile panel dies has made great progress. Mold manufacturers such as Dongfeng Motor Corporation mold factory and FAW mold center have been able to produce some car panel dies. In addition, many research institutions and colleges and universities carry out research and development of mold technology. After years of efforts, remarkable progress has been made in mold cad/cae/cam technology; It has made contributions to improving mold quality and shortening mold design and manufacturing cycle

for example, KMAS software for stamping and forming analysis of automobile panels independently developed by the automobile panel forming technology institute of Jilin University, and cad/cae/cam software for injection mold, automobile panel mold and progressive mold developed by the State Key Laboratory of mold technology of Huazhong University of technology, The cold stamping die developed by the National Engineering Research Center of mold CAD of Shanghai Jiaotong University and the cold stamping die and fine stamping die CAD software developed by the research center of fine stamping have many users in the domestic mold industry

although China's mold industry has made remarkable development in the past ten years, there is still a large gap compared with industrialized countries in many aspects. For example, the proportion of precision processing equipment in mold processing equipment is relatively low; The popularity of cad/cae/cam technology is not high; Many advanced mold technologies are not widely used. 2. The difference between hydraulic jaws and ordinary jaws seems to be small, resulting in a considerable number of large, precision, complex and long-life molds relying on imports

what is the development trend of stamping die manufacturing technology in the future

The development of mold technology should serve the requirements of "short delivery time", "high precision", "good quality" and "low price" of mold products

to meet this requirement, there is an urgent need to develop the following:

(1) comprehensively promote cad/cam/cae technology? 5. Zigzag experimental machine display mode: data and curves are dynamically displayed with the experimental process

mold cad/cam/including experiments such as stretching, tightening, low cycle and high cycle fatigue of materials and parts. CAE technology is the development direction of mold design and manufacturing. With the development and progress of microcomputer software, the conditions for popularizing cad/cam/cae technology have been basically mature. Enterprises will strengthen cad/cam technology training and technical services; Further expand the application scope of CAE technology. The development of computer and network is making it possible for cad/cam/cae technology to spread across regions, enterprises and institutes in the whole industry, realizing the re integration of technical resources and making virtual manufacturing possible

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