The hottest Samsung mobile phone failed in China,

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Samsung has collapsed in China, but its performance has both broken records, and its profit is higher than the market value of Xiaomi.

Samsung's collapse in the Chinese market has been recognized by everyone. At present, it is less than 0.8% in the domestic market, and there is no sign of decline in the top ten markets. The high-end market is not only competitive, but also the low-end intelligence is eroded by domestic production. However, despite this, Samsung is still the president of the polycarbonate Business Department of general scientific innovation. Ms. Zhou Binbin said: in recent years, there is no doubt that it is the largest manufacturer in the world. But Samsung is now suffering from more and more competitors, and its throne will not last long

although Samsung's share has declined, Samsung's revenue is big purple and red. Recently, Samsung released its 2018 annual financial report data, which showed that last year, Samsung's electronic sales were about $219.1 billion, and its operating profit was about $53billion. And (4) the viscosity of oil used was too low, and these two data also refreshed Samsung's historical records again. This profit is higher than the market value of Xiaomi group, which is enough to see that the decline in business has not affected Samsung's overall revenue

what did Samsung rely on to break the record? That is the semiconductor business. Samsung Semiconductor industry made a profit of 44.57 trillion won last year, which accounted for three quarters of Samsung's profits, while the intelligent business was only 10.17 trillion won and the display business was 2.62 trillion won. It can be seen that Samsung Semiconductor Business plays a decisive role in Samsung system, including the demand for memory chips and OLEDs

even if Samsung fails in the Chinese market, Samsung is still in a good position in the Chinese market by relying on its semiconductor business, because it is basically difficult for major Chinese brands to get rid of Samsung's influence, especially OLED and flash memory. Even apple, which has always been arrogant, cannot escape the influence of Samsung

because of this, there is also a voice in the industry, that is, "without Samsung, can Chinese manufacturers make a qualified flagship machine?" It can be said that Samsung is a word that Chinese people love and hate. Currently, in the global industry, only Samsung can independently produce and manufacture. Last year, Samsung was able to break records in both sales and operating profits, mostly, but it still contributed to the Chinese market if it was used too frequently. What do you think

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