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Confidential: The knock-on affects of dirty rain - Plus, travel contradictions continue - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The ‘Artist Formally Known As Prince’ might well have sung about ‘Purple Rain’ a few decades ago, but – but how would he have coped with ‘Dirty Rain’ on the scale that we have all had to endure in the past few days? Filthy motor cars, mud spattered terraces and outside windows are the least of our present problems it seems. I’ve heard of lines of washing ruined by the recent dirty deluge (hey, they should pay me more shouldn’t they?) and outside areas given over to a sort of overall paint spray of brownish dirt in abundance.

For those who own or manage swimming pools, we are talking about a severe ‘first world’ situation, whereupon a recently cleaned swimming pool awaiting it’s holiday home owners has turned into a muddy quagmire overnight. Some of you may scoff and indicate that this is in fact not a problem at all, but for many – this is a serious issue. For instances deemed necessary o, do you clean up all those terraces that are at risk and Hoover those contaminated swimming pools, or – are we expecting another dose of North African rain soon – thus making any action taken immediately…seem a little previous?

I know quite a few people who manage properties for second home owners and the like and at the moment they are spitting tacks, because it seems that within days of their extremely fussy and rich clients arrivals, their places of occasional abode are covered in brown crap. Moreover, they are always on the lookout to blame someone for this oversight – and as they can’t really have a go at God – the hapless and hardworking people who look after their gaff for them are in pole position to cop-the-blame. As for me – a vigorous hosing down and a stiff brush should do the business – but, what do I know?

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Making sense out of the travel contradictions!

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