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With the trend of younger consumer groups in the wardrobe Market, the personalized needs of consumers are becoming more and more obvious. How to formulate appropriate sales strategies for target consumer groups has become an important issue for wardrobe enterprises. So, how should wardrobe enterprises formulate personalized marketing strategies to grasp the inner needs of wardrobe consumers? Do wardrobe enterprises do a good job in personalized marketing? The whole house custom furniture joined Deville

as the saying goes, knowing yourself and knowing the enemy is invincible in a hundred battles. In the current fierce industry competition, the key is to retain consumers, give their best and grasp the inner needs of customers. To grasp the psychological demands of consumers and do a good job in personalized marketing, wardrobe enterprises also need to get through the "four passes"

the first level: do a good job in selling personalized services

enterprises can focus on promoting personalized customization of products to consumers

enterprises should give full play to traditional promotional means and new new media channels when promoting products. Through traditional advertising media, marketing personnel publicity, store promotion, enterprises can focus on promoting the personalized customization of their products to consumers, which can meet the different needs of consumers. Through new media channels, enterprises can not only publicize the information of products and companies, but also collect the information of consumers' needs, preferences, shopping habits and so on, so as to serve every customer well and do a good job in tracking services

the second level: do a good job in price targeted adjustment

set different prices for different customers and markets based on demand

the needs of consumers continue to be personalized, and the pricing strategy of enterprises also needs to be changed. The previous single pricing strategy is no longer applicable to the current consumer market. Using the Internet and new media channels, we can fully understand the consumption habits of consumers, take demand as the guide, and price according to different consumption needs and price elasticity. For the same product, we can formulate different price strategies for different customers and different markets

the third level: do a good job in product innovative research and development

collect consumer consumption habits to make enterprise product research and development tend to be personalized

on the premise of collecting consumer consumption habits and purchase preferences, enterprise product research and development and production can be more personalized. For example, which materials are more popular in which regions, some styles are better sold in the South and slightly worse in the north. Adjust the production of products and the research and development of new products according to the needs and preferences of consumers

the fourth level: adopt channel flattening

reduce channel costs to meet customers' personalized needs

in the channel terminal of products, enterprises can adopt channel flattening to reduce unnecessary links. Enterprises can face consumers directly. Colleagues who reduce channel costs can better understand consumers' preferences and help enterprises track customers' consumption behavior in the later stage. Meet customers' personalized needs at any time in the three stages of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales

to overcome the enemy, wardrobe enterprises need to constantly improve product quality and adjust marketing strategies. Win the trust of consumers with excellent product quality and easily win market share with personalized marketing strategy. For wardrobe enterprises, only by winning the hearts of consumers can they remain invincible in the fierce market competition

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