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In order to give full play to the role of the patent system in promoting technological innovation and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises, and strive to improve the ability of enterprises to create, manage, protect and apply intellectual property rights. We will further accelerate the formation of a number of leading Chinese intellectual property enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, well-known brands and international competitive advantages. In recent years, Shaoxing science and Technology Bureau has successively carried out the work of patent demonstration enterprises. As a professional manufacturing enterprise of kitchen appliances of all categories, Zhejiang Cohen electric appliance attaches great importance to intellectual property work, deeply implements the intellectual property strategy, timely converts patents into real productivity, realizes the industrialization development of scientific and technological achievements, and achieves a win-win situation between innovation subjects and market subjects. Affirmed by the Bureau of science and technology, it won the honorary title of Shaoxing patent demonstration enterprise again

"people oriented, science and technology promote industry". Cohen kitchen appliance has been unanimously recognized in the industry and favored by consumers in terms of technological innovation. It has been selected as a national high-tech enterprise. It is one of the few enterprises in the kitchen appliance industry that has its own core technology and professional R & D team. It has participated in the drafting and formulation of national standards and industrial standards for many times, and has obtained a number of discourse rights in industrial technology research and development and product quality indicators. The standard laboratory with the "National Laboratory Accreditation Certificate" issued by CNAs has formulated and implemented a number of product quality standards that are significantly stricter than national and industrial standards within the company, and has also added a number of indicators required by national and industrial standards in terms of product internal control standards. Technological standards drive process improvement and technological progress. As of 2018, more than 200 domestic and foreign patents have been applied for, which is known as the "king of patents" in the industry. Through scientific and technological innovation, and the introduction and absorption of advanced technology and management experience, the scientific and technological content, brand value and competitiveness of the enterprise have been further improved

9 years of hard work, Cohen kitchen appliances won this honor with its strong technical research and development ability, the increasing number of patent applications year by year, the effective intellectual property management standard system, the continuous growth of profit margin and other work achievements. This selection once again affirmed the intellectual property strategic policy that Cohen kitchen appliances adhere to in the enterprise development path, Further drive and improve the intellectual property creation, application, protection and management capabilities of enterprises in Cohen Electric's independent innovation demonstration zone. It is of great strategic significance to improve the ability of the company to create, apply, protect and manage intellectual property rights, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, expand the market share of enterprises, promote the protection of intellectual property rights, independent innovation and healthy, sustainable and rapid economic development

in the future, Cohen kitchen appliances will also continue to pay attention to intellectual property work, strengthen the construction of intellectual property management system, increase investment in intellectual property creation, protection, application and management, and apply intellectual property management throughout the whole process of R & D, production, operation and sales, covering all industrial fields of the company, so that scientific research innovation and intellectual property achievements continue to flow, and the innovation momentum of the enterprise continues to be stimulated




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