Crossing the peak and winning the battle, Shanxi D

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Across the peak, win the war in Shanxi | D1 team and you start a new marketing thinking

cross the peak and win the battle Shanxi

d1 team starts a new marketing thinking with you

the world is changing, the market is changing, and consumers are also changing. In today's increasingly fierce market competition, passively satisfying consumers is bound to bring about the evil consequences of homogenization! The homogenization of products, functional demands, business philosophy and so on finally makes numb consumers lose their way in the sea of homogenized information

subvert the traditional marketing concept and build a new thinking of store marketing

How can store marketing change from passively catering to consumers to actively controlling consumers

marketing is by no means a competition to cater to consumers, but a process of how to guide and control consumers' thinking, and turn marketing into a winning game for you to formulate brand rules

dealer, are you still relying on the new product manual to serve end customers and promote sales

dealers, do you still hold the competitive concept of "price war" instead of "quality war", "brand war" and "service war"

store managers and shopping guides, are you still at the stage of selling "products" with "products"

D1 marketing team accumulates energy and is ready to go

November 11

D1 wooden door marketing training meeting Shanxi Station

if you come, I will tell you the answer

if you don't come, I will wait for you all the time





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