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Carbon fiber intelligent manufacturing helps automobile lightweight

"our industry 4.0 intelligent production line of carbon fiber composite components adopts a new generation of hp-rtm and wet process, which reduces the forming time of a single component from a few hours to less than 3 minutes to design and produce a new generation of all plastic engine for the 2016 car race, realizing the large-scale and industrialization of carbon fiber component manufacturing." Songwenjuan, quality director of the quality department of Kangde composite materials, told the economy that the first phase of the construction of Kangde composite materials Langfang base with an annual output of 1.5 million carbon fiber composite parts has been completed, and the second phase of the construction is progressing smoothly

the highly integrated industrial 4.0 intelligent production line of carbon fiber composite components minimizes the number of workers and minimizes the quality instability caused by labor, so that the application of composite materials in the automotive field can truly achieve low cost, high speed and high quality, and meet the huge demand for lightweight in the automotive industry

at this year's Beijing International Auto Show, as a leading enterprise of domestic carbon fiber composite materials, Kangde composite materials, together with all carbon fiber body, glass fiber leaf spring, surface RTM parts and components, can change the composition by controlling the bacteria and fermentation process. The latest R & D products made a stunning debut, showing the highest level of lightweight of domestic automotive carbon fiber composite materials

since 2013, Kangde group has begun to lay out the carbon fiber industry sector, and has taken the lead in realizing the high-end carbon fiber through investment in zhonganxin Technology Co., Ltd; By investing in Kangde composite materials, a domestic leading 4.0 intelligent manufacturing platform for carbon fiber car body industry has been built; As a model of cooperation between China and Germany, Kangde has also established a composite material R & D center and an automobile lightweight design center in Munich, becoming a provider of overall lightweight solutions for carbon fiber composite materials and realizing the platformization of the development of the carbon fiber composite industry

in April 2017, Kangde composite released the carbon fiber car body industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing platform. This is the world's leading intelligent manufacturing platform for carbon fiber composites with the largest scale and the most advanced technology. "From product design to vehicle integration, big data generation, collection and analysis are always accompanied by the whole production management process, which provides the basis for carbon fiber intelligent manufacturing." Su Huan, director of the brand development department of Kangde composite materials, said that since last year, Kangde composite materials has established business cooperation relations with 59 automobile enterprises in the world, including BAIC, Chang'an, GAC, Dongfeng, Weilai and international first-line automobile manufacturers, to comprehensively promote automobile lightweight, and set up utilization technology research centers and industrialization centers in Shanghai and Huaibei. Its products cover automobile structural parts, covering parts, automobile decorative parts Carbon fiber body in white, and many projects have entered or will enter the mass production stage

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