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Shenzhen has built a carbon nanotube production base

Shenzhen has built a carbon nanotube production base

increase the procurement of vanadium raw materials and establish a reasonable inventory

October 30, 2001

Shenzhen Na

migang Co., Ltd., jointly established by Chengdu Institute of organic chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shenzhen Huiheng Investment Development Co., Ltd., has built a large carbon nanotube production base in Asia after half a year of operation, At present, the unit is in the stage of


because of their different diameters and helix angles, carbon nanotubes can show both metal conductivity and semiconductor properties. It has the highest theoretical strength close to that of natural materials, hundreds of times stronger than ordinary steel, but its relative density is only one sixth of that of steel. Relying on the nano research technology of Chengdu Institute of organic Sciences, the company adopts the chemical synthesis method with independent intellectual property rights, takes hydrocarbons as raw materials, decomposes inorganic substances through high-temperature catalysis, and continuously produces accessories of different specifications in batches: the upper clamp for stretching 40X40X10mm is connected to m8x Φ There are 5 carbon nanotubes with length ≥ 50mm, but they all have their own advantages, with an annual production capacity of 5-7 tons

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