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Recently, in Dongli District, Tianjin, which is located in the development axis of Jinbin, five transport vehicles loaded with pile foundation detection instruments drove into the project site, and the pile foundation detection work was started in warehouses 3 and 5 of the smart supply chain service park of Tianjin electric power company, It marks that the pile foundation construction of the project is fully completed. 1. The pointer bearing and main shaft bearing are rusted or greasy: clean or replace the bearing assembly. By the end of 2022, a smart supply chain service park integrating material storage, detection, distribution and bid evaluation will be built here to create a green modern smart supply chain for power materials under the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization

from "semi-automatic" to "smart supply"

automatic stackers shuttle back and forth between rows of high shelves, and AGV automatically guides the transport vehicle to draw a perfect track on the preset track... This is a "scenic spot" in the Toray center of Tianjin electric power

it is reported that Dongli central warehouse is the first batch of provincial company level central warehouses built and put into use by State Grid Corporation of China. It is also the largest power material warehouse with the highest automation level and the best application effect in North China

in order to make the warehousing logistics more intelligent, advanced and efficient, Tianjin Electric Power Co., Ltd. optimizes the intelligent warehousing strategy, makes rational use of the three-dimensional warehouse layout, improves the warehousing operation efficiency, and creates a first-class provincial warehousing system. The supply chain service smart Park under construction will use automatic equipment such as intelligent loading and unloading robots, automatic sample sealing arms, four-way shuttle cars, unmanned precision cranes and so on to realize the "unmanned" whole process of warehousing, detection and distribution; Realize "visualization" of park business through digital twin technology and AR glasses technology; The combination of UHF RFID and image recognition technology is used to realize the "automation" of remote inventory

compared with the previous semi-automatic warehousing and distribution mode, Tianjin electric power will innovatively apply big data, UWB positioning, edge computing and other technologies to achieve AI analysis of loading strategy, flexible dispatching of distribution vehicles, guidance of vehicles in the park, and automatic optimization of distribution routes. In the warehouse, the intelligent loading and unloading robot with a load of 3 tons realizes the automatic handling of a variety of electric equipment from the vehicle board to the transportation area in front of the warehouse, and realizes the "unmanned" warehousing operation. At the same time, 5g modules are reserved for all AGV equipment, providing hardware support for the implementation of 5g technology in the smart park

"the construction planning of our supply chain service smart Park follows the three basic principles of 'maximum use of space', 'shortest moving line' and 'minimum handling times' to maximize the space utilization and production efficiency of the whole park. After the project is completed, it can achieve the efficiency of 300 consignments of materials in and out of the warehouse in a single day based on 8 hours a day, which is at the leading level in the power industry." Dongchunhai, project manager of the owner project Department of the supply chain service smart Park of Tianjin electric power company, said

from "there are some application methods for advanced torque wrench detectors in the green building market, and before the application of torque wrench detectors, the pulling machine is not included in the project" to "low carbon ecology"

the supply chain service smart Park project includes five warehouses, two shelters and an office building, with a total construction area of about 26273 square meters. "Under the situation of practicing the concept of green development and promoting the transformation of clean and low-carbon energy, the upstream and downstream enterprises of the supply chain have gradually changed from the traditional perspective of only focusing on the procurement, production and sales of raw materials to the comprehensive perspective of focusing on the combination of production costs and carbon emission costs. It is particularly necessary to build a green and low-carbon supply chain." Said lishuhe, head of the supply chain operation center of China Tianjin materials company

Tianjin Electric Power Co., Ltd. focuses on building a green and low-carbon modern smart supply chain, takes "energy saving and storage control" as the implementation path, and uses energy-efficient and intelligent technologies such as photovoltaic energy storage, comprehensive energy, energy-saving buildings and UWB positioning to achieve efficient energy conservation, on-demand power, intelligent energy control, flexible energy storage and high-efficiency production capacity, so as to create a modern smart supply chain industrial park with multi energy complementarity, low energy consumption and green and low-carbon

"In order to drive the low-carbon of upstream and downstream businesses in the supply chain, we have changed the original procurement strategy of comprehensively coordinating material quotation, technical parameters and other factors to green and environmental protection procurement, worked with the bid inviter to improve the procurement standards for energy-saving new products and technologies, and preferred small, intelligent and energy-saving electrical equipment for suppliers. At the same time, in the transportation link, we have integrated transportation resources, done a good job in vehicle operation allocation, reduced the no-load rate of vehicles, and reduced logistics carbon Emissions and improve the green level of electricity. " Lishuhe said

according to the introduction, after the completion of the park, the application of the green supply chain management mode is expected to save 38.94 tons of standard coal, 55.43 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and 26.48 tons of carbon dust emissions each year

from "off-site inspection" to "inspection and storage coordination"

on May 14, in order to carry out the special inspection of cable accessories, the staff of China Tianjin materials company organized the project unit and the inspection personnel of the electric power research institute to go to Changyuan Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. to conduct on-site inspection on the design structure, raw material components, process control, storage environment, packaging and transportation of 110kV cable accessories by random sampling

"in order to improve the quality of incoming equipment, we will carry out spot check on all kinds of materials every month. However, due to our current testing ability, some spot check work can only be carried out in the factories of local suppliers, which is laborious and inefficient. Especially during the epidemic period, it has a great impact on the testing work." Fenglei, director of the quality supervision department of China Tianjin materials company, said, "The supply chain service smart park we have built, including the mechanical test and detection area for electrical performance materials, adopts the fully automatic detection operation mode of intelligent industrial robots, which is the first in China. Materials can be quickly detected without leaving home. It can also dynamically optimize sampling inspection strategies for special groups such as new bid winning suppliers and suppliers with large purchase volume, so as to improve detection quality and efficiency."

in order to realize the inspection and storage coordination, Tianjin electric power will connect the warehouse resources with the detection hall through the underground corridor design, design and plan the use parameters of Jinan testing machine fixture, and draw the optimal layout of detection resources based on the industrial IOT. The materials are automatically operated by robots from delivery to detection. The testing capacity will be increased from class 1 A, class 1 B and class 14 C to class 4 A and class 26 B. It is expected that the number of testing items will be expanded from 125 to 391, and the annual number of testing samples will be increased from 1470 to about 8000. It is understood that the park will also build a national advanced "big data" management and application mode for testing through the application of blockchain technology, make statistical analysis on the historical data and qualification rate of the same supplier, the same product, different products and different suppliers of the same product, predict the supplier's equipment quality development trend, and improve the intelligent operation and maintenance management level of "inspection, storage and distribution" of materials

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