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The carbon fiber "little ant" concept electric car appeared in the Beijing auto show

Chery International Automobile Group, an independent brand of domestic cars, displayed its independently developed carbon fiber concept car "little ant" at the 2012 (12th) Beijing International Auto Show, which opened on April 23. The vehicle is composed of two front and rear vehicles, and the front vehicle is a battery powered vehicle; The rear car is powered by gasoline. Chen Jun, chief engineer of the forward looking technology academy of Chery Automobile Company, said that the "little ant" concept car was developed in 2011. It is a "combined extended range" front and rear powered car mainly aimed at the short endurance of electric vehicles. The power of the next car will charge the battery of the previous car to realize charging while walking, so as to solve the problem of insufficient endurance of the battery powered car

it is understood that the maximum battery powered range of this concept car is 100 km, the maximum speed is 80 km for a single car and 60 km for a combination car. As the carbon fiber is used as the main part of the body frame, the weight of the whole vehicle is very light, and the fuel and power saving effect is obvious

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