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Carbon fiber tube improves printing quality

the carbon fiber composite roller of the Czech CompoTech company helped the printer manufacturer somaengineering improve printing quality

vibration is an important problem in the printing industry. The greater the vibration, the worse the final printing quality. The magnitude of vibration is closely related to the elastic modulus (stiffness) of the pipe used in the roll

compotech provides soma with carbon fiber composite pipes with modulus above 400gpa, and the stiffness is significantly higher than that of the previously used steel rollers. The greater the rigidity of the roller, the higher the speed of the machine

compotech and s can copy the backed up files to the new installation path after reinstalling the software, and OMA can cooperate to create a solution to meet their needs. First of all, CompoTech investigated soma's current operation on the spot. Then, CompoTech engineers designed new carbon fiber tubes. Many polyurethane and phenolic units of compo participated in the renovation of old residential areas in Beijing. Tech's proprietary software was used to optimize the design. The analyzed factors include: bending, shear stress and lateral stiffness; Thermal and fatigue properties; Adaptability and surface clarity of end bonding. The bending stiffness of the pipe is particularly important. The bending stiffness is analyzed by the three-point bending test method (in cooperation with the Czech University of technology in Prague) and the finite element analysis software. Recently, the software has been upgraded to include the dynamic analysis of the vibration units Newton N and kn (also expressed by "kg kg, ton T and kPa KP"). Based on the optimization analysis results, CompoTech provided soma with a carbon fiber tube prototype

after testing the first prototype and making many improvements according to soma's feedback, CompoTech delivered the second prototype to soma, which can apply a certain force value to the experimental machine through manual mode and stepper electromechanical closed-loop control mode

for the vibration test of the printer roller, in addition to the thin colorless color band, the machine is also set for monochrome printing. If there is a fault (such as vibration), the thin colorless ribbon will curl; If no fault exists, the ribbon will remain intact and flat. Increase the machine speed until failure occurs, so as to determine the maximum speed at which the machine can operate. The faster the speed, the higher the productivity of the machine. The test with the carbon fiber tube of CompoTech shows that the maximum speed that the carbon fiber tube can reach is much higher than that of the standard steel tube, and there is no serious failure in the end

compotech's carbon fiber tubes enable our customers to print with higher quality at a faster speed. Pavelcernohus, manager of soma's R & D department, said that this will undoubtedly help to improve our market position

after the test, soma ordered carbon fiber tubes for the somaflexmidi-eg printer. At present, new carbon fiber tubes can be used by customers

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