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Polycarbonate releases liquid graphene invisible heating system to promote the integration of graphene and the heating industry, It has been found that it can cause a new technological revolution in many fields

with the development of research and the injection of capital, many graphene related technologies have gradually moved from concept to product, and their application in various sub fields has continuously affected people's lives. Recently, Zhuhai polycarbonate composite material Co., Ltd. has launched a warm coating liquid graphene invisible heating system, which has aroused a wave of waves in the heating industry with the advantages of invisible heating, rapid construction, heating efficiency and so on

policy demand dual drive graphene technology has become the driving force for industrial upgrading

graphene has extremely conductive and thermal conductivity characteristics, making it the new material with the greatest development potential among all carbon based electric heating materials. Since the application of graphene technology to the electric heating industry, it has been concerned by the whole industry, and China attaches great importance to the graphene industry, It also makes the technical development progress of domestic related fields always in the forefront of the world

as early as November 2014, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly issued the implementation plan for the upgrading of key materials, which included graphene in the key materials for the first time. Since then, the State Council issued the 13th five year plan for national scientific and technological innovation, which also made it clear that graphene and other industries should play a leading role in the development of new materials industry. Domestic scientific research institutions have always paid close attention to the advance layout and development of graphene

in the industrial and civil fields, many domestic enterprises are also constantly trying to push graphene technology from the laboratory stage, mainly using PP and PS as the main raw materials to industrial production and practical application, giving birth to a number of disruptive technologies leading to industrial change. Among them, as one of the few enterprises in China that has conducted in-depth research and development and application of graphene material technology, Zhuhai polycarbonate composite materials Co., Ltd. recently achieved a technological breakthrough in graphene electrothermal coating, established the development direction of electric heating business with graphene as the core, and launched the "liquid graphene invisible heating system"

of course, during the implementation of the "coal to electricity" policy, environmental protection has always been the theme. The development of various technologies in the heating industry has also realized industrial upgrading around non-toxic, pollution-free, energy conservation and emission reduction. As one of the few enterprises in the world that can truly achieve "zero emission" graphene production, application and R & D, Zhuhai polycarbonate composite Co., Ltd. has the natural advantage of mastering core technology. With its many years of graphene R & D and application experience, it has solved the technical problems such as dispersion, adhesion and film forming, solved the production and application defects of previous graphene products at one fell swoop, and realized the technical upgrading of graphene application products

at the moment when the heating industry is facing industrial upgrading, the development of graphene industrial technology will meet the dual driving trend of national environmental protection policies and market demand upgrading, and become an important driving force for the upgrading of industrial products

environmental protection, high efficiency, comfort and carbon accumulation of excellent heating products promote industrial innovation

in China, the supply and demand of heating in the South and North have never been the most effective balance between economy and humanization. The demand for heating in northern China is increasing year by year, the demand for coal is rising, the output of raw coal is declining, and the degree of air pollution is high. The industry urgently needs technological upgrading. There is a strong demand for heating in the south, but considering the economy, environmental protection and energy conservation, it is difficult to realize central heating in the south, so the decentralized heating industry is developing particularly rapidly. Following the policy guidance, upgrading the heating industrial structure through scientific innovation and development, and realizing the "coexistence of blue sky and warmth" have become the common development theme of heating in the South and North

in the pursuit of a more environmentally friendly, efficient and convenient market development direction, the promotion and application of electric heating has become a broad consensus, and the development of graphene, a cutting-edge technology, is a powerful guarantee to promote the transformation and upgrading of the heating industry

the "liquid graphene invisible heating system" of the carbon company uses graphene as a heating element even for the same product, which can achieve an electrothermal conversion rate of more than 99%, which is several times higher than the traditional heating system. It is clean and environmentally friendly, and can also achieve scientific energy conservation. Moreover, the household and room heating mode of the product can achieve more flexible heating time and indoor temperature, without causing energy waste, In addition, the built-in intelligent constant temperature control system of the system can realize power frequency conversion adjustment, which is both comfortable and energy-saving

in addition, the experimental force of main technical performance indicators: 2000kN; (it can be specially customized according to customer requirements) force measuring range: 80kn~2000kn; Accuracy of experimental force: ± 1%; Stretching interval (excluding piston stroke): 0- 6 000mm (can be customized according to customer requirements) piston stroke: 1000mm; A set of plug-in stretching accessories coated with liquid graphene invisible heating system has many technical advantages, such as safe low-voltage power supply, thermal radiation + thermal convection physiotherapy heating, high customization, simple and fast paving, almost no volume and ultra-thin heating, which can meet the personalized heating needs of different people to the greatest extent

the combination of technology and industry of graphene and electric heating will become a scientific driving force for the heating industry to step out of the dilemma of traditional heating with high energy consumption, low energy efficiency and high pollution. With the high demand of the market and the attention of national policies, the advent of the "liquid graphene invisible heating system" of polycarbonate, a subversive new form of heating that is energy-saving, environmental friendly, comfortable and healthy, will surely accelerate industrial innovation, Truly improve people's quality of life and the process of social green development

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