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Carbon fiber composite materials will sail in Valencia at present, the sailboat developed by the BMW Oracle team (Santo Domingo, California, USA), a competitor of the American Regatta cup trimaran race, adopts a new carbon fiber composite mast, which increases the ship's speed by 20% compared with last year. In november2009, the US fleet of lap shear strength (23 ℃) tested its 50m long carbon fiber composite mast for the first time in Santo Domingo. The next US cup will be held in february2010. BMW Oracle will compete with defending champion alinki (Geneva, Switzerland)

the sails of the sailing ship

used by the BMW Oracle team in the previous American Cup are mainly composed of two parts: the main sail and the aileron. The mainsail is a veneer that surrounds the mast. Eight independent ailerons surround the trailing edge of the main sail. The main sail and ailerons are separated by a small wing partition and connected by nine hinges. The sail must have enough machining allowance from the cutting line of the sample blank to the edge of the sample. It is made of carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber. BMW Oracle said it would take 40000 man hours to build such a sail

the owners of the Golden Gate Strait ship club, namely BMW Oracle, filed a lawsuit against the defending champion alinki team, questioning whether they have the right to choose the location of the next event. Therefore, the format and venue of the 33rd US cup have been controversial for two years. The alinki team hopes to use the Persian Gulf as the venue for the next US cup, And BMW "The microbial genome engineering laboratory has made a series of outstanding achievements in the research fields of DNA recombination technology, microbial pesticide preparations, targeted tumor treatment, etc. Oracle chose Valencia, Spain. In response to this situation, a New York referee made a ruling on December 15, saying that the next American Cup should be held in Valencia, Spain, and the competition will adopt three forms instead of the traditional seven forms.

Reports from various organizations show that the two teams are negotiating whether to adopt seven competition forms. It is expected that the US cup will start on February 12, 2010. The unpredictable wind speed in Valencia will become an important factor affecting the competition

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