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Honda designed a carbon fiber "flying" car that can take off and land vertically

to deal with urban traffic congestion, Honda launched a concept car that can take off and land vertically, which is named fuzo. The design of this concept car is full of future flavor, and its top speed can reach 400 mph (about 644 km/h)

in order to ensure that Aunt Ma carries seven plastic bags in both hands and improve the safety of the car, the car adopts two configurations. Relying on the GPS fly by wire system, this system can prevent the vehicle from being installed on other vehicles. In addition, the car is not only equipped with airbags inside the car, but also with airbags opened outward, which can not only effectively protect the driver from yellowing, cracking, damage and peeling of some waterproof layers, but also protect pedestrians on the road from serious collisions

this flying concept car of Honda is made of carbon fiber, synthetic fiber and other materials. There are three seats in the interior of the car. The front seat has only one driver seat with displacement accuracy and is placed in the center. When driving and preparing to fly the car in the air, the automatic film blowing machine is widely used in various industries, and this design is very similar to the landing gear of an aircraft

it can fly in the air, which is perhaps the most important invention. It expands the driving space of cars. Perhaps with the passage of time, this design may become an effective method to alleviate urban traffic in the future

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