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State machinery heavy industry (Luoyang) 16 road rollers "married" Zambia

state machinery heavy industry (Luoyang) 16 road rollers "married" Zambia

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yesterday afternoon, 16 dark green painted roller bodies were covered in red flowers in the courtyard of state machinery heavy industry (Luoyang) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Luoyang Construction). In a few hours, they will set out from Luoyang and board the Shanghai ship for Zambia. It is understood that these machines are only part of the luojian export project to Zambia (phase I)

70 year old mechanic: stroking the wheel, full of sadness

yesterday afternoon, on the square in front of luojian office building, 16 dark green painted rollers were ready to go, and the Yellow words "Luoyang" in the front of the vehicle were very eye-catching, attracting many people to watch

"this order for non operators to stop starting operations came from Zambia, a total of 22 road rollers, and the first batch of 16 were delivered." Li Wei, head of the major customer department of luojian, told the author that the 16 road rollers exported this time mainly have three models: single steel wheel, double steel wheel and rubber wheel, which are used for different pavement construction

before the departure ceremony, many workers and masters dressed in uniforms passing by took out group photos with these vehicles. Xu Musheng, 73, is the "re employed teacher" of the stone Pressing Machinery Research Institute affiliated to the factory. He said that he had worked in luojian all his life and had never left the production line. His daily work was to trial produce various new machines according to the drawings. He could be called the creator of this batch of products

"looking at them, it's like farmers harvest hard, and the public's worries have not been eliminated for a year." Master Xu touched the wheel and said

lens 2 painters: dress up again, like marrying a daughter. At 17:20, the departure ceremony officially began, and dozens of workers gathered in the square raised their hands to record this moment

at this time, in the slightly lonely corner of the venue, Ning Xianna, the chairman of the luojian paint spraying workshop trade union, who has worked for 21 years, is carrying two paint buckets and using a brush to repair the paint of the vehicles to be exported, even the cracks of the screws. She applies it meticulously

"I'm going out soon. The married girl should be beautiful." Ning Xianna said that the caliber of the spray gun is relatively large, and the coloring of some small places is uneven. Now we need to "make up"


the "inspirational order" in the "winter" of the industry

"for us, this order represents not only benefit, but also hope." At the departure ceremony, fengziling, general manager of luojian, told that the 16 rollers in front of him would leave for Africa in a few hours. Behind these rollers, which took 25 days to manufacture, was the efforts of luojian people for a year

according to fengziling, since 2011, the construction machinery industry has entered a "cold winter", and luojian, a 100 year old factory established in Shanghai in 1904, has also been affected. However, luojian has gone step by step from establishing a key customer department to targeting key customers to establishing a project system throughout the whole process of marketing, production and sales. Now, with the joint efforts of everyone, it has finally signed several overseas orders. "In August alone, 46 vehicles will be delivered to overseas customers." Feng Ziling said that this gave luojian people hope in the low environment of the industry

"last year, the sales volume of our factory was about 1200 sets, which were less used in the last four items. We are confident to maintain this performance this year." Feng Ziling said that after the integration, the company was incorporated into the state machinery group, and the Luoyang Construction Committee gave full play to the group's advantages, made full use of the technology and channel resources of the state machinery group, and worked hard to maintain the previous sales channels to find its own breakthrough in the "cold winter of the industry"

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