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State organs strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction, and force the purchase of energy-saving products.

the State Administration issued the notice on Further Strengthening the work of energy conservation and emission reduction in central state organs.

in order to fully implement the spirit of Premier Wen Jiabao's important speech at the national video conference on energy conservation and emission reduction, and accelerate the construction of energy-saving government organs, To ensure the realization of the goal of reducing the unit building energy consumption and per capita energy consumption of the central state organs by 20% respectively during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". On May 21, the packaging field increasingly favored lightweight materials day, our bureau issued the "notice on Further Strengthening the emission reduction work of the central state organs" to all departments and units of the central state organs

the notice requires:

first, highlight the key points and do a good job in saving electricity

by 2010, the electricity consumption of central state organs will reach 20% on the basis of 2005, achieving electricity saving of 56 million kwh, equivalent to 155000 tons of standard coal, and reducing 41000 tons of CO2 emissions. It mainly includes the following aspects:

(I) power saving of air conditioning system. Strengthen daily management and reasonably set the air conditioning temperature; On the basis of energy-saving diagnosis, implement energy-saving transformation of air conditioning system, replace high-energy consumption equipment, and install power-saving devices such as frequency converters; Organize all departments to clean the central air conditioning system of the office building in batches to improve the energy efficiency of the air conditioning and indoor air quality. By 2010, achieve an overall power saving rate of 25%, save 25million kwh, equivalent to 69000 tons of standard coal, and reduce 18000 tons of CO2 emissions

(II) power saving of lighting system. Carry out "green lighting" activities. In 2007, all departments and units should complete the replacement of all non energy-saving lamps (including T8, T12 straight tube fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps); Optimize the design of lighting system and reasonably transform the circuit control mode; We will pilot advanced lighting technologies such as solar lamps and electrodeless lamps. By 2010, achieve an overall power saving rate of 20%, save 11million kwh, equivalent to 30000 tons of standard coal, and reduce 8000 tons of CO2 emissions

(III) power saving of electric equipment. Eliminate high energy consuming computers, printers and other electrical equipment, and promote the use of power-saving software; Carry out energy-saving transformation of elevators in office areas and some residential areas, and adopt new energy-saving elevators such as gearless elevators; Promote the use of new energy-saving water heaters in office areas (such as solar water heaters, air source heat pump water heaters, etc.). By 2010, the extensometer is required to accurately measure the deformation year, achieving an overall power saving rate of 15%, saving 15 million kwh, equivalent to 41000 tons of standard coal, and reducing 11000 tons of CO2 emissions

II. Increase efforts to reduce oil, gas and water consumption

(I) vehicle fuel conservation. Further clean up the overstaffed and over standard vehicles of the central state organs, and strictly control the establishment and scale of vehicles; Speed up the renewal of vehicles that do not meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, and complete the replacement of "yellow standard vehicles" in use by central and state organs this year; Include official vehicles in government energy-saving procurement, and give priority to energy-saving and environmental friendly vehicles; Strengthen the daily fuel saving management of buses, and implement the "one car, one card" refueling system. By 2010, achieve fuel saving of more than 5%

(II) stove solar terms. Complete the energy-saving diagnosis and transformation of the gas-fired boiler heating system of the central state organs; Strengthen the operation management of the heating system, improve the regulation of the pipe system and optimize the operating conditions of the heat source, reduce the consumption of gas, electricity and water, and achieve comprehensive energy saving of 10%. In 2007, all departments and units should complete the transformation of the solar terms of canteen gas stoves, effectively reduce gas consumption, and achieve 20% - 30% of the solar terms of canteens

(III) save water. Promote the use of water-saving appliances and equipment in new and renovation projects, and carry out water-saving renovation and construction of toilet sanitary ware, canteen water facilities, central air-conditioning cooling water tower, greening and irrigation facilities in the office area. Qualified units can build reclaimed water treatment system and rainwater collection system. By 2010, we will achieve a water-saving rate of 20%, save 1.04 million tons of water and reduce sewage discharge by 1.04 million tons

III. strict evaluation, pay close attention to the energy conservation of new buildings

all construction projects of the central state organs implement the energy conservation comprehensive evaluation system, and can print experimental statements. In the operational research stage, the "energy conservation chapter" should be prepared, and the energy conservation design review should be carried out according to the relevant regulations. The projects that fail to pass the evaluation will not be approved

for new and large and medium-sized modified projects, the use of glass curtain walls shall be strictly controlled, floor to ceiling windows shall not be used, and the area ratio of windows to walls shall not exceed 50%; Promote the application of energy-saving and environment-friendly new wall materials and roofing materials; We will implement pilot demonstration projects of ground heat source, water source and air source heat pump technologies, actively promote the application of new technologies such as frequency conversion and speed regulation technology of air conditioning and heating systems and air heat recovery technology, and expand the scope of use of new energy such as solar energy. At the same time, strengthen the supervision of the whole process of energy conservation of projects under construction, strictly implement the construction standards of building energy conservation, and ensure the construction quality of the project; Strengthen the supervision of the implementation of energy-saving measures and energy consumption indicators, implement project acceptance and energy efficiency evaluation, and rectify the projects that fail to meet the energy-saving design requirements within a time limit

IV. control the entrance, promote government energy-saving procurement

implement the opinions on the implementation of government procurement of energy-saving products and the opinions on the implementation of government procurement of environmental labeling products, further improve the list system of government procurement of energy-saving and environmental protection products, and constantly expand the scope of government procurement of energy-saving and environmental protection products. For air conditioners, computers, printers, monitors, copiers and other office equipment, lighting products and water appliances, the same priority should be changed to compulsory procurement of high-efficiency, energy-saving, water-saving and environmental protection products. Establish a review system and supervision system for government procurement of energy-saving and environmental protection products to ensure the implementation of energy-saving and green procurement. Further improve the collection system of energy-saving products, technologies and services of central and state organs, establish a tracking, monitoring, selection and elimination mechanism, and promote advanced energy-saving products and technologies

all departments and units should organize the recycling of waste batteries, computers and other office supplies and consumables and waste lighting fixtures, and promote and use energy-saving and environmental friendly office materials and recycled materials

v. pay attention to energy measurement and strengthen target management

complete the itemized measurement of electricity consumption of 95 departments and their affiliated institutions in 2007, and establish a statistical information platform for the consumption of energy resources such as water, electricity, gas and oil in central state organs. In line with the reform of Beijing's heating system, we will carry out heating metering reform in office areas and residential areas with central heating, and gradually realize charging according to the amount of heat used. Study and formulate the energy consumption quota standards of central and state organs, and gradually establish and improve the scientific statistical indicators of energy conservation and emission reduction. We Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. produce the experimental machine manufacturer system and energy consumption reporting system. All departments and units submit the energy consumption report of last month to the State Administration every month, and the State Administration regularly publishes the energy consumption of all departments and units within the system of the State Council and the Chinese government on a quarterly basis

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