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Zhejiang electric power has accelerated the promotion of smart IOT: promoting more efficient energy production services

Zhejiang November 20 (Zhejiang correspondent Chen Lisa, Ding Hao, Tang Jinjin) since this year, Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. has orderly promoted the construction of ubiquitous power IOT, applied emerging technologies to power management reform, dug deep into data value, innovated to serve customers, opened and shared to expand the "circle of friends". By promoting smart IOT, Promote more efficient energy production services

new technology improves the quality and efficiency of power production management

from October 1 to 3, Zhejiang implemented the power filling demand response for the first time, easing the pressure of power operation regulation during the low power consumption period of the National Day holiday. More than 540 households actually participated, with a maximum grain filling load of 520000 kW and a total response power of 7.3 million kwh. The power demand side response is based on blockchain technology, which links the real-time load data and provides the depth of not less than 30cm to the power supply enterprises, the provincial energy administration, power customers and other interested parties to ensure that the data obtained by different entities are consistent. Customers can query relevant data at the corresponding station and verify the uplink data

since the beginning of the year, Zhejiang electric power has been committed to the innovative application of advanced technologies and equipment such as "big cloud movement", artificial intelligence, blockchain, industrial robots in power production services, and promoting the construction of ubiquitous power IOT

not long ago, at the 6th World interconnection conference, the 10kV power distribution room in the new exhibition hall of Wuzhen "light of interconnection" Expo, which was newly put into operation, attracted attention. This fully aware intelligent power distribution room uses digital twin technology to build a virtual scene that seamlessly matches the real scene. After entering the enabling platform and clicking the corresponding module, the staff can see the real trend architecture, environmental monitoring, security management, inspection robot and edge IOT agent through the virtual power distribution room

with the support of new technology, the settlement of power materials is also particularly efficient. On October 18, Tan Peijun, the sales manager of Huzhou Tailun Power Equipment Co., Ltd., handled the power material settlement business through the smart financial material settlement all-in-one machine of the power supply company. He took out his ID card and passed the verification. He put it into the invoice for verification. After the verification was successful, he received a receipt. From the beginning of the operation to the end, he believed in these technical support clocks of our manufacturer

he uses an intelligent terminal for self-service material settlement independently developed and popularized by Zhejiang electric power. It is connected with ERP system and golden tax department as an enterprise system and financial control system specializing in the research, production and sales of high molecular composite materials, and can automatically complete the processes of payment terms review, invoice remote falsification, Bill verification, tax deduction and fund payment application. Suppliers can synchronously receive payment collection date SMS. Tan Peijun sighed: "the self-service submission of invoices, the machine can review immediately, and the efficiency has been improved too much."

Zhejiang electric power also accelerated the demonstration construction of "cloud pipe edge end" distribution IOT, realized automatic fault diagnosis and operation and distribution data fusion, and improved the consistency of operation and distribution; By improving the enterprise's middle office construction and infrastructure upgrading, we will promote the connection of the whole business process and the comprehensive connection of operational data, improve internal quality and efficiency, and expand business externally

flowing energy consumption data generates new value

on November 4, Zhang Jianbin, the electrical director of Chunxiao production base of Zhejiang Ningbo Haitian Plastic Machinery Group Co., Ltd., saw the power consumption of every workshop and even every production line through monitoring the background. This information comes from the energy consumption data acquisition terminal

energy consumption data acquisition terminal is one of the hardware supports of "smart" electricity in Ningbo Meishan smart energy IOT demonstration zone. This device can collect the usage data of water, electricity, gas and heat, which are important reference indicators for quality control and utilization design, help enterprises to manage scientifically and improve the comprehensive energy efficiency on the energy consumption side

in the era of big data, every precise data acquisition and fusion creates the possibility for more innovative applications

collect massive data, and the "shangguo" app, which integrates platforms such as Guoshang mall, Dianbao, and e-charging, was first promoted in Zhejiang at the end of April as a unified entry for customers in the construction of ubiquitous power IOT. All customers' needs can be handled in one way

"now, I can check the detailed peak valley benefit evaluation at home with one click." Chen Chao, who lives in Duqiao Town, Linhai City, lightly clicked the "shangguo" energy consumption analysis module, and the "family customized bill" appeared: if the peak valley electricity price is not implemented, his family's annual electricity charge is 568.13 yuan; Implementing peak and valley electricity prices, the electricity charge is 510.26 yuan, which can save more than 50 yuan. "It's very convenient to directly handle peak valley power changes on the app." He said

as of the end of October, "shangguo" app has handled 3.32331 million payments in Zhejiang Province, 961700 applications for power expansion, 12985 applications for personal charging pile installation, and 15380 photovoltaic related businesses

in the mining and precipitation of data value, the building of data middle stage is also an important part. Since its official launch in early June, China Zhejiang power data center has provided data services for various innovative applications, realizing "one source of data", reducing the storage cost of data and the labor cost caused by repeated processing of data

all parties integrate into the energy interconnection system

on the midnight road in Wuzhen, there are two rows of new "neuron" smart street lights. The lamp poles of these lamps are equipped with 5g base stations, and also have the functions of air quality detection, wind speed monitoring, intelligent monitoring, intelligent broadcasting and so on. Smart street lights can not only automatically adjust the brightness according to the traffic flow, but also provide auxiliary decision-making basis for municipal administration, transportation, public security, meteorology, environmental protection, power supply, etc. There are 362 such street lamps in Wuzhen. The information flow integrated with electricity flows in this smart town and generates value

this year, the moment tourists arrive in Hangzhou check in the hotel and plug in their power card, a "carbon bill" may be generated - the electric energy collector in the room can detect subtle changes in the power waveform, transmit information to the service cloud platform, and start energy consumption calculation. At the same time, the person in charge of these hotels can also master the structural characteristics of hotel energy consumption and the ranking of energy consumption management level in the industry. By sharing power data, power supply enterprises provide energy consumption consulting services for hotels, which also allows tourists to pay more attention to the "green" content of the journey

there are many B & Bs in Mogan mountain in Deqing, Huzhou. In the past, there were different scales, diverse energy consumption, and low energy management level. Now, more and more homestays have installed energy consumption monitoring devices, and the energy utilization rate has increased significantly. What brings changes is the Deqing Moganshan B & B smart energy IOT comprehensive demonstration project. Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. participated in the construction of the "green energy gathering" industrial alliance, implemented accurate energy efficiency management services, and promoted the construction of all electric green smart homestay with comprehensive energy utilization. B & Bs that have obtained the ecological certification of "green Juneng" industrial alliance can also enjoy "zero down payment", "zero fee" and "zero guarantee" green financial loans

from the grand picture of urban construction to the specific situation of daily life, all kinds of subjects are integrating into the upper and lower linkage, open and diversified, inclusive and shared energy interconnection system, which also brings new development space and new value to more industries and individuals

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