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State machinery group insists on implementing legislation and reform to solve practical problems and promote the implementation of theme education

state machinery group insists on implementing legislation and reform to solve practical problems and promote the implementation of theme education

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state machinery group insists on solving practical problems as the measurement standard of the effectiveness of theme education, and pays close attention to the implementation of rectification according to the requirements of "practical measures, accurate efforts, and good results". Through further study and education, further inspection of problems, and further implementation of rectification, all enterprises strive to solve problems with "targeted treatment", so that the "list of problems" becomes a "work list" and a "list of achievements", so as to ensure the effectiveness of theme education with the effectiveness of rectification

adhere to the problem orientation

change as soon as you know and strive for practical results

"all enterprises of the State Machinery Group adhere to the strict and practical implementation of rectification, carry out the word" change "throughout, adhere to the reform while studying, and implement the reform while implementing the reform. Compared with the list of problems, we should focus on the rectification one by one, and implement one by one, so as to truly change the problems and achieve the results, and effectively solve the problems that the staff and workers are most concerned about and looking forward to

Wuxi Hongda Textile Machinery Special Parts Co., Ltd. of Hengtian Group adheres to open the door and pay attention to education, and puts forward suggestions such as "improving the ability to find and solve problems on the production site" for front-line workers in the investigation and research, that is, change as soon as you know, establish a "PDCA" on-site management work dominated by the branch Party branch, and deal with problems in production management in a more timely and accurate manner. Now, 37 problems have been accumulated, 26 items of cause analysis and measure implementation have been organized, 11 items of measure implementation verification have been completed, and 5 items of effect evaluation and suggestions have been completed. The theme education has been tested with the actual work effect, and the microcomputer has been adopted to realize electronic measurement and automatically complete the compressive strength experiment results

the members of the leading group of SAIC automobile import and export trade examined nearly 20 problems in grass-roots party building, team building, operation and management, and put forward practical and hard measures to solve problems and improve work. According to the business problems, combined with the actual situation of 4S stores, ports and other units, strengthen the internal control management of enterprises, revise and improve the rules and regulations, a total of 17, adhere to the administration according to law, and promote the improvement of management; According to the needs of employees, the Secretary of the Party branch will take the lead to coordinate and solve the problems of lack of innovation in Party building activities concerned by employees, and focus on solving the "food, housing and transportation" guarantee work of front-line employees who stick to the port. The rectification and implementation of 12 problems have been realized, and the sense of belonging and happiness of employees have been effectively improved

the leading group of Sinochem Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd. went deep into the grass-roots front line to carry out research, timely understand the hot and difficult issues that the staff and the masses are concerned about, make changes to the six problems found in project construction, investment and operation, logistics management, expense reimbursement and other aspects, and focus on solving the problems that the staff and the masses are concerned about, such as long-term overseas staff returning home for vacation, expense reimbursement and so on. For problems that need long-term rectification, they should be included in the list of problems, clarify the person and the rectification time limit, and continue to make great efforts to rectify, so as to ensure the effectiveness of theme education

practice hard

promote the implementation of rectification

"All enterprises of Sinomach group focus on the problem orientation, organically link up the four key measures of learning and education, investigation and research, inspection of problems, and rectification and implementation, adhere to the ideological understanding in place, inspection of problems in place, rectification in place, and organizational leadership in place, and guide Party members to find gaps, rectification, and promote implementation with the courage of the blade inward, so as to come up with practical and hard tricks to solve practical problems.

China Design Group China set collar The leading group identified 6 research groups, organized 13 symposiums, and collected 104 opinions and suggestions. Give clear answers in a timely manner to solve the key and difficult problems concerned by employees around the problems of dining, single dormitory, office hardware facilities and equipment, etc; Focusing on the issue of "pre approval process of contract review", the relevant management departments were organized to set up a working group and begin to formulate the "letter of authorization management measures" to promote the standardization of contract management. Now many customers will say that when purchasing, the universal experiment of XX and XX will be run in a mechanized way, so as to further rectify the problems and ensure the effectiveness of theme education

the Wuxi company of China Decoration Group held a research results exchange meeting, analyzed and sorted out 25 opinions and suggestions, formulated rectification plans, clarified measures and standards, and made changes. In view of the difficult problems raised by the staff and workers about "strengthening equipment maintenance and updating and improving product quality", on the basis of widely soliciting opinions, immediately organize rectification, revise and improve equipment management system and process, organize maintenance skill training, strengthen on-site supervision and control, and implement problem rectification in place

the problems collected in the research results exchange meeting were summarized into seven aspects, which were divided into three categories: "urgent, heavy and difficult", and the rectification and implementation should be done well. Matters involving the vital interests of employees shall be regarded as "urgent matters" and solved as soon as possible; The company's capital, operation and development matters involving the settlement of key projects are regarded as "key", and the company's leadership is responsible for the division of labor, and the key is to supervise and urge the solution; As "difficulties" involving the transformation and upgrading of the company, talent training and other aspects that are difficult to solve in the short term, formulate corresponding plans and gradually promote the solution. At present, five reforms have been made

China Yituo diesel engine company solicited 75 opinions and suggestions from grass-roots party members and workers, formulated 80 rectification measures, focused on prominent problems, and made legislative changes to further promote the implementation of rectification. In response to the problem of "accelerating the upgrading of products" raised by the masses of workers, organize special forces to solve it, rely on China Yituo technology center, state key laboratories, etc., speed up the research and development of new generation national five emission products, and strive to solve the problem of product research and development shortcomings of the company

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