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Sinomach held a seminar on the operation of equipment manufacturing enterprises

Sinomach held a seminar on the operation of equipment manufacturing enterprises

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on June 6, the seminar on the industrialized economic operation of Sinomach equipment manufacturing enterprises and some scientific research institutes was held at the regimental headquarters, which integrates the desertification land area of China accounting for about 27% of the land area. In view of the complex situation faced by the current group's equipment manufacturing industry, the meeting summarized the operation of the group's equipment manufacturing business from January to April this year, deeply analyzed the economic situation at home and abroad and the main problems existing in the current business process of the enterprise, and fused the 3D printing filament to put forward targeted countermeasures and next work arrangements. According to the requirements of the meeting, the participating enterprises carefully searched for the main problems currently existing, put forward targeted measures to "maintain growth", and conducted in-depth discussions

president Xu Jian attended the meeting and delivered a speech. President Xu Jian introduced the operation of the group from January to April 2014, analyzed the severe development situation of the machinery industry currently facing, and put forward specific requirements for the main work that should be strengthened in the next step. All departments of the group should carefully listen to the relevant matters that the enterprise hopes to support and help, actively do a good job in service, effectively help the enterprise solve the problems existing in its development, and escort the operation and development of the enterprise; All relevant enterprises should carefully analyze the main problems existing in the current business process, actively adapt to the current environmental changes, strengthen confidence, measure the wear and fracture of the piston belt, calmly respond, strengthen overall planning, strive to complete the business indicators issued by the group, and strive to achieve the sustainable and healthy development of the group

vice president sunderun pointed out in his concluding speech that the equipment manufacturing industry is facing a severe industry situation and current outstanding problems. The group's equipment manufacturing industry should implement benchmarking management, speed up the pace of improving product competitiveness, take industrial policy as the guide, and prepare to promote the industrialization of gold air batteries in the near future, combined with the two task requirements put forward by Chairman Ren Hongbin to the group's equipment manufacturing industry, Accelerate the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, vigorously develop the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, strive to achieve major breakthroughs in several key areas, and form new development advantages as soon as possible

a total of 30 people attended the seminar, including 5 equipment manufacturing enterprises affiliated to the group, including China Erzhong, China Yituo, Sinomach, China Fuma, China National Decoration Corporation, 5 scientific research institutions with relatively representative industrialization development, such as China Academy of agricultural machinery, Lanke high tech, axis research technology, Jinan Institute of casting and forging, and China Heavy Industry Research Institute, as well as heads of relevant departments of the group headquarters

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