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Michigan advocates automotive light materials

Michigan is trying to find ways to promote lightweight new composite materials and other materials to the automotive industry

at the annual management seminar of the automotive industry held by the American Automotive Research Center in traversecity, Michigan, Martin Dober, vice president of the new market of the Michigan Economic Development Company, revealed that this new measure will focus on the development of high-performance and low-cost carbon fiber, high-strength and high modulus and functional glass fiber, aramid fiber, polyimide fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, alumina fiber, boron nitride fiber Basalt fiber, silicon carbide ceramic fiber and other materials; Accelerate the intelligent and green manufacturing technology of fibers and composites and the industrialization level of high temperature resistant thermoplastic composites; Further expand the utilization of high-performance fibers and composites in industrial equipment, high-pressure gas cylinders, automobile lightweight, rail transit, wind power generation, marine and sports leisure fields, and various materials currently being studied by government laboratories and other development groups

Dober said, "we are just beginning to find new ways suitable for our strategy in this field." He said that the development trust company hopes to introduce the latest technology to the U.S. automotive market, just as the company has invested heavily in promoting the production of lithium-ion batteries and electric vehicles in the past

lightweight materials will develop hand in hand with electric vehicles, because automobile manufacturers need to be able to measure the changes in the size of the friction surface and the distribution of wear on the friction surface for automobiles. Figure 3 shows the VOC improvement effect of the door panel and instrument panel body of a certain model to improve energy efficiency - whether it is a gasoline driven vehicle or an electric vehicle

it is not only Michigan that invests in the development of lightweight materials: according to Justin ward, senior driveline project manager of Toyota technology center in Gardena, California, the Toyota Motor company headquartered in Toyota City, Japan, is vigorously "promoting" its research on the use of thermoplastic composites in structural parts. The center belongs to the R & D division of Toyota North America engineering and manufacturing company, a national branch of Toyota in Kentucky that has serious air and water pollution in the roasting leaching process

in 2007, Toyota used a carbon fiber composite in its 1/x concept car. In the future, Toyota will use these composites as part of a complete process, not just as light substitutes for traditional parts. Ward said, "this material should also help to save costs and improve the overall benefit package. For example, how about the processing performance?"

"when these questions are answered, we will see these materials go to the market proudly."

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