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Loss of state-owned enterprises and profit of private enterprises Shandong Iron and steel enterprises are in double heaven

loss of state-owned enterprises and profit of private enterprises Shandong Iron and steel enterprises are in double heaven

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loss of state-owned enterprises and profit of private enterprises, Shandong Iron and steel enterprises reproduce the double heaven of ice and fire

a few days ago, Kaiyuan holdings, a Hong Kong listed company, announced that the company would record profits last year. Since the three core enterprises of Rizhao Iron and steel injected open source holdings in 2009, the profit of open source holdings means that Rizhao Iron and steel is profitable

the announcement of Kaiyuan holdings also said that the expected profit of the company mainly comes from the profit of the group's associated companies engaged in steel production and trading

the announcement of Kaiyuan holdings did not specify the specific amount of profit, but on the 25th, the author learned from Rizhao Iron and steel executives that last year, Rizhao Iron and steel realized a profit of 1.4 billion yuan and a profit and tax of 3 billion yuan due to the resistance of some low-quality equipment in operation

previously, Shandong Iron and steel issued a loss forecast announcement, with an estimated loss of 1.35 billion yuan for the whole year

the state-owned iron and steel enterprises have been changing computer hosts for several years due to their poor performance. Shandong Iron and steel also felt pressure

in order to change this dilemma, Shandong Iron and steel has decided to speed up the construction of its Rizhao fine steel base. The base project will adopt the world's advanced production technology, and its main products are positioned to meet the needs of users in marine, high-end manufacturing, construction, emerging industries and other industries. The products will mainly serve the medium and high-end manufacturing industry in Shandong, take into account the surrounding regional markets, and take the replacement of imported products as the goal, actively participate in the international development of Malaysian bauxite, and rapidly increase market competition

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