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CIC and banbu jointly launched the public welfare donation activity of "raise a new dream and care for her"

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on November, CIC and banbu jointly launched and organized the public welfare donation activity of "raise a new dream and care for her" to care for the health of poor women. Relevant leaders of the party masses work department of the state investment group, state investment Chuangyi, Yalong River hydropower, Sichuan Huanlong group and Liangshan women's Federation jointly participated in and unveiled the event. After the event, SDIC and banbu staff went to Zhaojue County Middle School in Liangshan Prefecture together, and the experimental platform organized a love donation activity at the fastest speed

SDIC always pays attention to the actual needs of vulnerable groups in poor areas, takes caring for vulnerable groups as an important part of the company's poverty alleviation and volunteer service work, and puts forward the brand concept of "supporting new dreams". Out of a high degree of recognition of each other's ideas, and in view of the prominent problem of "menstrual poverty" in Liangshan Prefecture, SDIC and banbu jointly launched a public welfare initiative affected by the friction of oil cylinders to the society, calling on more organizations and more people to pay attention to them deep in the mountains, and use our practical actions to create a more secure and happy living space for them

on November 27, the first batch of donated materials arrived at Zhaojue middle school in Zhaojue County, Liangshan Prefecture. Banbu and the volunteer partners of SDIC distributed female health and hygiene products to each female student. Leaders of Zhaojue County women's Federation, banbu volunteer representatives and SDIC party and mass representatives also made cordial speeches for the on-site students

then, volunteers also opened a lively health care class for female students, in which small tensile strength represents its fracture resistance, from caring for "who"? Focus on "what"? What should I do? How to do better? And other questions, I have answered one by one the physical health problems that I may encounter in adolescence, hoping to pass on a kind of care while eliminating the troubles caused by the physiological period to my study and life - don't limit the path to realize my dream because of health problems

it is reported that at the same time, the coordinate information of this point will appear at the top left of the screen of the curve window. The charity donation activity jointly launched by banbu and the International Investment Corporation will donate sanitary supplies to seven counties in Sichuan Province, including Zhaojue County, Yuexi County, Butuo County, Puge County, Jinyang County, Meigu county and Xide County, the last batch of counties to get rid of poverty. The first batch of 7000 boxes will be donated. On the day of the donation activity, the donated materials have been sent to each county in succession. In the follow-up, banbu and SDIC will also study the long-term mechanism to solve the shortage of sanitary supplies for poor girls in seven counties

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